Thursday, September 1, 2016

Out of the City Part II: Zebras in the Wild!

Exciting to see zebras in the wild.  I was surprised that from a distance they look like gray horses.  They blend in with the foliage and you don't even notice the stripes.  The zebras have free range in this part of Kenya.

My first wild zebra!!!  I was so excited!

Aren't they cute?

Notice the brown tinge.  I always thought they were black and white.  But no . . . they are brown and black and white.

A herd of zebras in the wild.  These pictures were taken just west of Naivasha.  Isn't the countryside beautiful?  Except for the trash.  I guess every country has its trash.  But really . . . Kenya is so beautiful.  Why would anyone want to throw garbage on the ground?  (Even a waitress in a restaurant, who took the plastic off the water bottle cap, just threw it on the ground).  So glad my parents taught me respect for the environment.  And I hope I have taught my kids the same.

Brown and black and white all over.

So interesting that cacti grow here where it's so cold.  (This morning, Sep 1, 2016, it was so cold I thought it was going to snow!)  But the further west we go, the hotter it is getting.  Nairobi is higher in elevation and is much colder.  More in the next post.


  1. Alice says "I like zebras because I like horses. And the donkeys too (from the last post)." She was excited to see these pictures!

  2. I'm with you - I thought zebras were just black and white all over! Nice to see and learn with you.