Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rural Scenes

I found out where all the old people are.  (The ones our age!)  Apparently they stay in the rural areas.  It's the young people who move to the city.  So there are more elderly people than I thought even though the median age is 18. In Nairobi, LeRon and I feel very OLD.  Here are some rural pictures.  I took all these pictures out the car window as we drove by.

Would you like to stay in the Hollywood Hotel?  All these shops and "hotels" are so colorful.

We often share the road with livestock as well as with pedestrians, motorbikes, bicycles, donkeys pulling carts, and men pulling carts.

At home, cattle would be very upset by vehicles near them.  But these cattle don't even shy at vehicles.  They just mosey across the road at their leisure.

There's a baby under that blanket!

Still trying to get that photo that says "Africa" to me.  Love those clouds and those flat acacia trees.

Photos don't do it justice.  I was trying to show all the flat acacia trees that my eye could see going on and on.

Colorful vegetable stands guarded by their vendors who are enjoying each others' company as they sit on the ground and discuss the days events.

I love the way they display their produce for sale.

Of course we enjoy all the farmland.

More farmland and small rural dwellings.


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