Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Do We Look Like Aliens?

We are officially aliens now that we have our alien cards!  Actually, they call them "foreigner cards" since so many people didn't like to be called aliens.  We are now resident Kenyans.  Now we just have to carry around our alien cards instead of our passports.  And we can get into national parks and museums for the resident price rather than the tourist price.  That makes it nice for Saturdays (which are our Preparation Days) when we can visit parks or museums.  We work in the mission office Monday through Friday.  Saturdays we do laundry, clean house, and visit parks if we have time.  But even as we visit parks, we share the gospel with those around us.  We don't get a holiday from being missionaries!

Below the alien card pictures, there are pictures of us helping celebrate President Msane's birthday and of a neighborhood family party that our cute neighbor children organized.  Enjoy seeing LeRon race on a bicycle!

Dickens, the man who helps me with immigration, is finally giving Sister Msane hers and President Msane's alien cards.  We were so excited that we were dancing in the office!  It's only taken about two months to go through the bureaucracy.  Now Sister Msane can get her container of belongings that was shipped from her home in South Africa.  For some reason she couldn't get it until she received her alien card.  Mission presidents are able to ship a huge container of belongings since they will be on their missions for three years.  Regular missionaries just come with their suitcases.

Now here's mine and LeRon's alien cards.  I wasn't waiting for a container of belongings.  We simply came with our two large suitcases each, which is what each missionary is allowed.  To celebrate, LeRon did "Father Abraham" for everyone.  It was hilarious.  Unfortunately we don't have a picture of it.

LeRon and I went with President and Sister Msane to Ocean Basket to celebrate President Msane's birthday.  All the waiters and waitresses sang "Happy Birthday" to him just as they do in the West.

A Happy Birthday brownie for President Msane.  Funny that he had to pay for it.  You would have thought they would give it to him for free.  Oh well.  It looked lovely.

President and Sister Msane with their yummy desserts.  Desserts here are not as sweet as they are in the West.

And this proves that LeRon and I were there too.

Bike races at the neighborhood party that the kids organized.  It was well-organized and a lot of fun.

Elder Torrie got into the spirit of it and raced on a borrowed bike.  He came in last of course!  It's been quite a few years since he rode a bike.

We have wonderful neighbors from India.  He is an anesthesiologist at the nearby hospital.  We always enjoy visiting with Pooja and Shrikant.

Here are our Kenyan neighbor and our neighbors from India.  Lovely people.

The neighbor girls of course did most of the work for the neighborhood party.  The boys helped somewhat too.

I haven't played "Musical Chairs" for years.  It was fun!

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  1. Nice to know your cards came! Looks like fun in your neighborhood!