Sunday, September 18, 2016

Out with the Old . . . In with the New

We lost our dear Elder Arudo this past week as he was released after two years of faithful service.  He worked 90 miles per hour right until the very last.  He will be missed -- especially by Elder Torrie and me who worked so closely with him in the mission office.  One good thing is that he doesn't live far away, just in another part of Nairobi so we'll hopefully get to see him from time to time.  You get really attached to the missionaries.

Then we welcomed four new American missionaries.  So fun to see their excitement and enthusiasm.  They will be great missionaries!

There's Elder Arudo in the back.  Click on the picture to see those eyes!  Elder Wafula and Elder Hales are now Assistants to the President.

Three great missionaries -- Elder Wafula, Elder Arudo, and Elder Hales.

Elder Torrie and I will really miss you, Elder Arudo!!

We had a farewell dinner for Elder Arudo and we were joined by the Assistants and two missionaries who are being transferred -- Elder Christensen (who is transferring to Tanzania) and Elder Rasmussen who is transferring to a different place in Kenya.

Elder Torrie is giving Elder Arudo some last minute piano pointers, with President Msane looking on.

I love all of "my" missionaries -- Elder Christensen, Elder Rasmussen, and Elder Wafula.  I am lucky to get to see the missionaries so often.  Elder Christensen stayed at our flat on his first night in Kenya.

Elder Arudo, President Msane, Elder Rasmussen, and Elder Christensen watch as Elder Torrie gives more piano instruction.

Elder Rasmussen is playing a lovely piece that he composed himself.  So nice to hear him play.

Elder Arudo had said that all he wanted for dinner was Malva Pudding so that's what he got!  Well, that was just a little joke.  He actually got a nice dinner PLUS the Malva Pudding.

We have a lot of fun with the missionaries.  Elder Wafula managed to get into all the pictures.  He went from person to person.  He's got a cute sense of humor.  You have to be awake to catch on though.

Sister Msane is collapsing after cooking for all the missionaries.  She's a great cook who doesn't like to get her picture taken!

Here's Elder Arudo receiving his missionary plaque and T-shirt.  Good-bye.  You will be missed.
Elder Wafula and his new companion, Elder Hales, are getting a Family Home Evening lesson ready for all of us.
Now here's the four new American missionaries -- Elder Harrison, Elder Carter, Elder Thomas, and Elder Merritt.  They're excited to start teaching the gospel.

And they have fun too!  What's going on?  Here's Elder Thomas, Elder Torrie, and Elder Apuoyo.

Elder Wambua and Elder Thomas will be companions in Tanzania.

Elder Carter and Elder Boaz will be companions in Kenya.

Elder Harrison and Elder Apuoyo will be companions in Kenya.

Elder Musasia and Elder Merritt will be companions in Kenya.

Sister Msane and Elisabeth are preparing food for all the hungry missionaries.

And here are the hungry missionaries!

Gobbling down Sister Msane's delicious food.

President and Sister Msane with the Assistants and the four new missionaries and their companions.

President and Sister Msane with their four new "children!"  Hard to send them out into the world!  But we will take good care of them!


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