Monday, September 26, 2016

My Baby Turns 31 Today

Hard to believe we're old enough for our youngest to be 31!!  Wow!  So glad Heavenly Father sent Eric to us.  He's been an easy son to raise.  And his two older brothers and two older sisters love him too -- sometimes nearly to death.  Everyone wanted to hold Eric or to play with him and not just when he was a baby or a toddler but when he was a teenager too!  Happy Birthday Eric!! 

At home I always put up a Happy Birthday sign for my kids' birthdays.  So Eric, here's your Happy Birthday sign from your two old parents!  And under the sign, I always put baby pictures.  So here goes . . . 

I was 33 and LeRon was 32 when we had Eric.  Oh my.  We look so young!  Doesn't Eric look cute in the baby blanket I crocheted?

For a year or so, Eric's hair turned a lovely red.  My Grandpa Hancock (my mother's father) was a redhead as were a couple of my aunts on my mother's side.

Cute little baby!

Eric laughed a lot.

Craig and all the kids loved Eric very fiercely!

Christmas 1985.  Eric doesn't look too impressed.  He's in what Grandma-Great Torrie always called "a dust pan."  We didn't have fancy baby carriers back then.  Just little dust pans that were much lighter to carry.  Michelle, Heather, Michael, and Craig are showing off their loot.

Eric was glad when the day was over!  Craig and Michael look like they could go on forever and ever!

Red-headed Eric in 1986.


1988.  He's turned a lovely blond with some red highlights. 


  1. Eric has always been such a pleasant person to have around! Happy Birthday!