Thursday, September 15, 2016

Missionary Work at the Country Club!

We stayed at a lodge right on Lake Naivasha.  Lots of lodges to choose from even though it's only a small lake.  It's very popular with tourists.  Hard to find one with vacancy since it was a spur-of-the-moment trip.  We only decided Friday night to spend Saturday at Lake Naivasha and Sunday at the Church there.  Originally we were just going to go for Sunday.

We had a most amazing visit with a young man who works there.  He was not exactly friendly-looking so at first I didn't feel like sharing the gospel with him.  But as missionaries, we are to "open our mouths at every opportunity."  So I started talking with him and learned that he had a lot of questions about life.  We warmed up to each other quite quickly.  He's the age of my youngest son so it was a mother-son friendship.  He gave us his phone number and we told him we would contact the local missionaries.  He said he has seen them lots as they walk and walk and walk along the dusty roads.  He said, "I think we were meant to meet," and I totally agree.  The not-so-friendly looking fellow turned out to be a wonderful son of God.  I hope he will listen to the young missionaries when they contact him.

Here we are at the Lake Naivasha Country Club, 80 kilometers south of the equator! 

Actually this Country Club was no different than other lodges we've stayed at on our travels in Asia.  The people were friendly and the area is beautiful.

We stayed in one of these little suites.  In fact we stayed in the one LeRon is standing beside.  So fun to look out our window and see monkeys playing on the grass and in the trees.

This was the HARDEST bed we've ever slept on and we've slept on some pretty hard beds in our travels through the years.

Monkeys playing on the grass reminded me of our cats at home -- running around and up into trees and chasing each other.  

Sometimes these monkeys have such human expressions and manners.  No wonder some people think we sprang from monkeys.  But thankfully we didn't.  I love to watch the monkeys swing from the tree branches by hanging on with their VERY long tails.

These monkeys were not afraid of anyone.  In fact, they were very curious about everything and everyone.  We were told to not leave our door open or monkeys would waltz right in.

This monkey is grooming the other one.  Probably picking fleas out of its fur.  I remember picking nits out of my kids' hair one time when lice was going around. 

We walked down by the lake Saturday evening.  Evening comes about 6:30 p.m. all year long here.

A Vervet monkey guarding the bridge.  They remind me of the spider monkeys I loved to watch in the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  But this was much more fun to see them here in the wild.

The evening light was beautiful.

Lots and lots of birds perched on these water-logged trees made for an eerie scene in the dusky light.

I was enthralled with these silhouettes.
Does anyone know what this bird is?  I know it's blurry.  It was getting very dark but I wanted a shot so I could figure out what it is.  So far, I haven't found it in my bird book.  Has a very long bill, something like an ibis.  Is it an ibis?

Home to bed.  The maid had been in to put down our mosquito netting.  I never saw or heard any mosquitoes.  I don't think we really needed it.  But we are taking our daily malaria pills so we would have been alright anyway.


  1. Did that monkey guard let you cross the bridge? Also, those spooky tree silhouettes are really cool! Nice place!

  2. Very pretty! You didn't mention the hippos. :)

  3. The "blurry" bird is a Hadada (Hadeda) Ibis... Have you got a chance to listen to its call?
    Love :)

  4. Oh thanks, Marie! I thought it was some kind of Ibis. I'll look it up when I get back to my flat. No, I didn't hear its call. It was late evening and it was just scrounging for food. We had to get back to our flat because the hippos come out after 7 p.m. and we're not allowed to be wandering around.