Saturday, December 31, 2016

On the Mombasa Highway

Everyone talks about how awful the Mombasa Highway is and now we know that they aren't kidding.  So many slow moving trucks and fast-moving cars and pot holes and narrow lanes.  It's crazy!!  Everyone needs to drive the Mombasa Highway -- once.

Now we're on the way back from Tsavo West.  Here's another mosque.  So colorful.  Love it.

And I love these Baobab trees too.  Will be interesting to see them in the dry season when they've dropped their leaves.

So many Christian quotations on buses and vehicles.  And this school bus, loaded with children, was driving as crazily as all the rest of the trucks and buses.  Oh my.  How safe are the children?

Several Baobab trees

These baskets and other things are made of woven plastic.  So colorful.

Markets are bustling today.

This is every day life for these people.  I wonder what they would think of our fancy western malls.

Not sure what the occasion was but hundreds of people were gathered here and music was blasting from this bus.

Love this colorful market and the colorful dress the woman is wearing.

People are heading up-country for Christmas.  That bus is REALLY loaded!

It was a crazy drive from Tsavo to Nairobi.  So much traffic.

We used to be able to ride in the backs of open vehicles about 50 years ago but not anymore.  But here they can.

Another view of the beautiful mosque.

I thought this billboard was interesting.  "Simba" is the Swahili word for lion.  So Simba Concrete is "King of the Concrete Jungle."  Ha ha.  Such a cute advertisement.

Another colorful bus loaded with people's belongings as they head up-country.  It was an exciting, tense, fun, scarey drive from Tsavo back to Nairobi.


  1. Wow! That does seem like a crazy road. I would be worried my stuff would fall of the top of the bus! Those are really cool trees. Glad you could finally see them in real, not just the little sculptures.

  2. Baobab trees! The Little Prince!!

  3. Hello, I would like to use one of your photos for my documentary film about Kenya, can you please contact me via ? Thank you!