Monday, December 26, 2016

Heather's Visit Day Three: Driving to Naivasha

On Friday, we drove to Naivasha, which is not very far away but takes two hours since the roads are so narrow and full of pot holes and speed bumps and traffic and cattle on the road.  An interesting drive into the Rift Valley.

I love these cactus trees.  They are all over in the Rift Valley.

Such interesting foliage!!

And these Acacia trees say "Africa" to me.  You can see a giraffe feeding on one near the center of the photo.  So interesting to see giraffes in the wild.  They are my new favorite animal.  Acacia trees have thorns all over them.  Crazy to think that giraffes can eat those thorns.

We drove up to the Naivasha LDS church to show it to Heather.  These children wanted to get their picture taken.  Cute kids!

Here's Heather outside the Naivasha chapel.

Kenya is a beautiful country.  So sad that there is trash everywhere.  I don't think the people even notice it.

Lovely landscape.

Giraffes by the side of the road.

I love the way giraffes glide along.  So graceful.

Can't get enough of the giraffes in the wild.

We stayed at Kingoni Lodge on Lake Naivasha.  It was lovely.  Two bedrooms each with a bathroom and then a common living/kitchen area.

The wood furniture was creative.

Would be fun to make furniture like this.

The couch looked lovely but wasn't very comfortable.

I still love zebras even though giraffes have become my favorite.  So interesting to see the black and white and sometimes brown stripes.  Interesting how they blend into the foliage.

Oh my.  Cattle on the road.

Here I am bringing stuff into our little cabin.  A lovely place to stay.

I think these are elands

Love those horns!

Funny sign!!  And there's a baboon sitting right there.  Baboons are actually very annoying.

Cute little baby baboons.


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