Saturday, December 31, 2016

Heather's Visit Day Four: Church at Langata and Piano Lessons at Rongai

More about Heather's visit with us before Christmas:

On Sunday, we went to the 3-hour block of meetings at Langata and then drove to Rongai for piano lessons with some of the members.  I'm using Heather's pictures for this post.

Heather and I love visiting cemeteries so this was our first stop Sunday morning.  This cemetery is very unkempt, unlike cemeteries we have visited in many countries of the world.

Cemeteries are definitely places for contemplation of life and death.  We will all end up in a cemetery someday.

Sometimes there are cattle grazing in the cemetery but not this morning.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a man came up and told us we were under arrest for taking pictures in the cemetery.  We were shocked but kept our cool.  Since he didn't look threatening, we thanked him for his concern, and got into our truck and drove away!!  It helped that our friend and landlord is a member of parliament and as soon as I dropped his name there didn't seem to be a problem.  But it put a damper on our visit to the cemetery.

Sign pointing to the little lane down which is our little chapel.

This is the first church building in Kenya and possibly the first one in Southeast Africa.

The bottlebrush trees in the church yard are beginning to blossom.

The CTR (Choose the Right) classroom in the Langata Chapel.  I used to teach the CTR class but now I teach the Valiant class.

Little Daisy is a sweet young woman in our Primary.

All the girls are lovely.  L-R: a visitor; Gloria, Hope, me, Daisy.

I'm doing my song and dance in Primary Singing Time!  The kids really sing!  But they don't know the Christmas songs very well so I tried to teach them a lot in the month of December.  They are fast learners.

Heather and this woman (who was visiting this day) put together a special number for sacrament meeting and it was beautiful.  Heather sang soprano and the sister blended with a lovely alto.  They sang "O Come All Ye Faithful" a capella.  Most of the Kenyans sing a capella. Their duet was gorgeous.

Cool picture of one of the doors to the meetinghouse.  Bars on windows and doors.

Colleen, LeRon and Heather outside the Langata Chapel.

This is a fun family.  Gloria, Hope, and their mother, Mercy, who is an important and well-known Scouter here in Kenya.  She is a leader in the Kenya Air Scouts.

After our meetings at Langata, we drove a half an hour to Rongai meetinghouse to teach piano lessons.  Love that pink bus.

Stylish boutique!

Heather was impressed with the well-dressed people on the street.  Not slouchy like so many people in the West.

The Rongai Ward meets on the fourth floor of this building.

What a cool picture Heather took inside this building!

And on the top floor of the building is the ward's baptismal font.  This Sunday this young woman was baptized!

Now on to piano lessons.  Three people came for lessons today and there were three of us (with Heather) to teach so it worked out well.

These two women are really progressing in their piano skills.

Lots of interesting things written on vehicles and buses!  You have to use a lot of prayer to drive on these roads!

The matatus (small buses) drive wherever they want to, even in the dirt at the side of the road.

It's been so great to have Heather here!  So nice to share our life with her.

Our door has lots of locks -- on the side, at the bottom and on the top.

And here I am, working on my blog.


  1. So interesting! The piano lessons, Heather singing in church, all the interesting places and people...

  2. Glad you weren't arrested!! (Can you tell I'm playing catch up? I remembered I hadn't read all about Heather's visit since that's when the baby was born!)