Sunday, December 18, 2016

Heather's Visit Day Two: The Nairobi National Park

We got up at 5:30 to be to the Nairobi National Park by 6:30.  It was well worth the early morning.  We saw more animals than ever.  It was amazing!  We were there for about 6 hours and saw more animals than we could count.

We saw every kind of animal and bird except for lions!  These "Superb Starlings" were totally superb!  One walked up to us and stood looking up at us for more than 5 minutes.  It was so funny.  Just stood by LeRon and appeared to be looking at him.  I've never seen a bird do that.

This is a "Purple Grenadier."  Very lovely.  Kind of blurry because I zoomed in on it.

An "Egyptian Goose"

These hippos were relaxing in the water in a pond close to the entrance of the park.  Cool!  

Giraffes have become my newest favorite animal.  They are so regal and walk with such grace.

Heather with zebras in the background

Zebras, Elands, and Giraffes with the city in the background.

Still love those zebras!

Red-cheeked Cordonbleu with a Superb Starling in front.  Love that cordonbleu name!

Yellow-billed Ox-peckers pecking at insects on this African buffalo.

Love those horns!!

Magnificent ostriches in the African wild.

LeRon and Colleen on an overlook, the depth of which can't be seen in a photograph.

Tree Hyraxes.  These look like babies.  We saw bigger ones up in a tree.  We saw baboons too.  And Warthogs.

There were lots of Syke's Monkeys running all over the place.  We were grateful that a Kenyan told us to roll up our windows.  You'll see why in the next photo.

This Syke's Monkey did his darndest to get inside.

Lots of deer/antelope/gazelle/impala type creatures.  We got mixed up on which was which.

Now for a walk through the wild with an armed guard hoping to see crocodiles.

Voila!  A crocodile basking in the sun just waiting to snap up an unsuspecting victim.

This dirty river is used for swimming, washing, and drinking.  The Masai people aren't afraid of crocodiles.  Their children know what to look for to check for crocodiles before they jump in.

These Masai women are doing their washing in this dirty river!

Elder Torrie sharing the gospel with our guard.

A male ostrich with his harem.

We saw bushes everywhere that looked almost like a triangle.  Now we know why.  The giraffes eat what they can reach and the rest grows to the sky.  Love those giraffes!

White-backed vulture just waiting to capture its prey.

Last look at the lovely giraffes. 


  1. So cool that Heather is there with you and that she gets to see the sights!And congratulations on two grandbabies! They are both adorable (from the pictures!)

  2. So fun to see all these pictures! So cool that you got to see so many different animals!