Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Day, Another Dollar

Another Day . . . Another Dollar.  That's what my Dad said almost every day.  LeRon and I say that here too as we climb into our truck, shivering in the cold and turning up the heat.  But of course we don't even get a dollar.  Just the Lord's currency . . . "bless you my son and daughter!"

There's only been about a week so far that I haven't worn a sweater.  It can get very hot for a few hours of the day but in the morning and in the late afternoon it still is very cool.  And this is supposed to be the summer.  But the rains have been late this year and it is bringing cooler weather.

We have been very busy.  When 8 new missionaries come tomorrow, we will be up to 78.  By February, there will be 90 young missionaries (not counting us old ones).  So that is double the number that were here when we first came in early May.  So much office work to do.  Makes life interesting.  We definitely feel needed.

We helped the other senior couples celebrate American Thanksgiving by going out to dinner with them at Heminway's which is a fancy hotel near where we live.  Was nice to get together with them.  We don't see them a lot since they are centered in down town Nairobi and we are far away in the mission office in the Karen area.

Elder & Sister Ford are finished their mission as Public Affairs specialists the end of January.  We'll miss them.  Elder Ford is a wonderful dentist who has even checked out a problem LeRon was having.  Good to have him in our mission.

Elder & Sister Petersen will be finished in May.  They are the LDS Charities Directors in Kenya, overseeing work that the church does in schools and also helping to drill water boreholes. 

Elder & Sister Lyman are leaving this week and they too will be missed.  They've been serving as Self-Reliance Missionaries, teaching members and others principles of self-reliance.

Sister Msane came with us to the Thanksgiving Dinner.  She is such a fun person!  So glad we get to work with her.

Lovely "parasite" flowers growing on this tree.

Here's a close-up of the beautiful flower.

This slug was crawling on the wall by our front door.  So cool!

And so huge!!  Look at it in comparison to LeRon's fingers!

I love clouds!  Beautiful formation by Galleria mall.

And this pizza oven is still used to cook pizzas at a local French bakery.

Here I am with the flowering "parasite" on the tree.  I'm sure there's another name for it but I can't remember what.

LeRon in his P-day clothes with his Santa hat by the Christmasy Nakamutt elephant.

Beautiful Christmas tree at Galleria Mall.  The stores are getting in the Christmas mood but other than that, no one has decorations like we do in the West.  Christmas here is more getting together with family and going to church.  In fact, most Kenyans go "up-country" for Christmas.  This means that they go to wherever their original village home is.  Many city people still maintain a home "up country."  They say Nairobi is very, very quiet at Christmas time.  I guess we will find out.

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  1. Very nice post. I am glad you wrote so I could stop worrying about you!