Thursday, May 19, 2016

Moving to a better part of Nairobi

Last look out our bedroom window.  I'm going to miss watching our farmer family.  Hard to imagine that this bit of land is in the middle of the big city of Nairobi.  I wanted to go and visit them but I didn't know how to get to their place.  They are on the other side of our wall.
Last look out our living room window.  It was a lovely morning and someone was burning something smelly that was giving off black smoke.

A little further over from our farmer family was another plot of land.  When we got here, it was barren and two weeks later, it's growing green vegetables of some kind.

We had a farewell get-together with our mission couple neighbors.  This is Elder & Sister Ford.  They work in the Service Center in Nairobi as Public Affairs Specialists.  They travel all over Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, helping to promote good relations for the church.  They produce the Kenya facebook page as well as the Mormon Newsroom page (

Elder & Sister Lyman work in the Service Center in "Self-Reliance" helping the Kenyan people to become . . . self-reliant!  Another couple, the Petersens, couldn't be here because they were off in the bush somewhere in Kenya, helping to drill a well to bring water to more than 1000 people.  They do volunteer work in Kenya for LDS Charities.

Moving day has arrived.  I've packed all our personal things and all the kitchen and living room stuff.  We are moving everything.  Furniture. Fridge. Stove.  When you rent in Kenya (like in Italy), you have to bring everything, even kitchen cupboards.  In the photo, I'm with the moving guys and with Peter (our housing coordinator) who is in front.  The movers brought a big truck with a tarp.  Amazing how they fit everything in and nothing broke!

What didn't fit in the truck, Peter put in his pick-up truck.

LeRon is on the phone.  Since he's in charge of housing, vehicles, and finances, he's always on the phone.

The moving guys with all the furniture and mattresses.

Amazingly it all fit.

Peter and LeRon having a laugh.  In the background are two more missionaries.  They came and helped us move in to our new place.

The bed frames were tied on on top of the truck and under the tarp.

Don't these Elders look sharp in their white shirts?  They all used to look alike to me but not anymore.  They are beautiful people.  L-R: Elder Wafula, Elder Arudo and Bishop Peter.  Elder Wafula and Elder Arudo are Assistants to the President.  We work quite closely in the mission office with them. 

Here I am in my new flat.  Teeny, tiny kitchen.  I'm bleach-washing the potatoes.  Then I rinse them in filtered water.  You can see the filter on the counter.  The three silver cannister-looking things are actually three filters.  Our water is well filtered.


  1. Great to hear from you and see you both happy and productive. So happy for your opportunity to serve there. God bless

  2. Hi Bruce & Sara, Good to hear from you. How are things? Let me know. Love you both.