Saturday, May 7, 2016

More pictures at the MTC

Just trying to finish the MTC experience so we can move on to what is happening NOW!  I  don't know why the pictures are not in the order that I put them in.  Oh well!

Met up with our cousin Ellen and her granddaughter.  Last time we saw Ellen, it was at her place in Germany.  Fun to meet here again!
A visit with my brother Bruce and his wife Sara

Elder & Sister Torrie with Bruce Conrad

Ellen & Dave's son, Darren, is attending BYU.
Here we are with Elder & Sister Olson.  Sister Olson tripped and fell on her first day here and broke her wrist. She had surgery on it three days before they left for their mission to Montenegro.  What a trooper she was!  We really enjoyed the Olsons.  We really connected with them.
The sister on the right is a missionary from Mainland China (not Hong Kong or Macau).   She says there are 200 small congregations in China.  Who would have guessed!
Elder Torrie got to play on the big organ in the assembly room at the MTC.  He was in heaven!
This sister is from Peru but she speaks fluent Japanese because her Dad (who was not Japanese) taught it to her from childhood.
Our small class trained in office work.  We were taught by three excellent teachers.  The couples were Elder & Sister Harline (going to Ethiopia), Elder & Sister De Graw (going to Ohio), and Elder & Sister Rasmussen (going to California).  I wasn't in the picture because I was sick that day.
Me with two sisters from China.
Saying goodbye to my sister Myrna
My cousin Harold's daughter was at the MTC when we were there.  She's going to the Belgium/Netherlands mission and is learning Dutch.
The Church assigns missionaries to clean the MTC.  So each missionary is given a weekly assignment.  These four sisters were our sweet little friends.  We were always running into them.  They will make great missionaries.  They're in their cleaning clothes but we usually saw them in their missionary clothes. Lovely girls.
Elder Taylor is in charge of all senior missionaries.  He took great care of us!
We took this picture as we were leaving.  A beautiful picture of the Savior holding a little African baby!
Again, I'm not sure why this picture didn't go where I told it to go!  This is Elder & Sister Rasmussen, whose daughter married Allan Woodruff's son.  It's a small world.

Elder & Sister Olson with whom we clicked immediately.  I even helped curl her hair!

Elder & Sister Harline who will serve in Ethiopia.  We will be with them for training in Johannesburg, South Africa before starting our respective missions.

Elder & Sister Porteous from Medicine Hat, Alberta, going to the Philippines.

Check out the sign on our door:  "We've gone on our mission!"  We're checking out, ready to head to Salt Lake City to the airport!


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