Friday, May 6, 2016

More Training at the MTC in Provo Utah

Our second week was spent in 8 hr/day training in office work.  It was a lot of computer work.  Good thing we've used computers for 35 years!  The church has an amazing computer program to track missionaries, do correspondence, track finances, housing, vehicles, immigration visas.  What a lot of work it used to be before there were computers!

Below are some beautiful flowers.  I love flowers.  Below that are pictures of our classmates in our small classes.  Only four couples per class.  Nice to get to know them. 

Rose Tree of China blossoms here in Provo, Utah.  In Alberta, there are very few blossoms on these kinds of trees because they need snow cover for blossoms to be produced in the spring.  Here in Utah the trees were loaded with blossoms.

At home this Double Flowering Almond (Rose Tree of China) gets to be only about 6 ft tall.  Look at this one!

Here we are at the famous map in the MTC.  We are going "here!"

Classmates, Elder & Sister Healy who will be centered in Frankfurt, Germany and will be working with Church Humanitarian, particularly working with refugees in Europe.  This is their 3rd mission.  Their first was to Indonesia, their second to Salt Lake City working with senior missionary applications, helping to determine how healthy each couple is.  Only 10% are healthy enough to go anywhere in the world.  30% can go to many 3rd world countries and 60% can only serve in 1st world countries.  So I guess we are one of the 30%!  Nice to know we're healthy enough!

More classmates, Elder & Sister Hart are serving in the Scottish Orkney Islands.  LeRon taught Sister Hart a couple of piano lessons on playing by ear.  She will be a blessing to people in Scotland.

Classmates Elder & Sister Day are waiting for their visas to go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He speaks French and she is learning French.  They were both High School teachers.

Here is our small "Preach My Gospel" class with our two young returned missionary teachers.  They were excellent teachers and so kind and enthusiastic.

Our class again but this time with our afternoon teacher on the right.
LeRon is teaching Sister Hart basic skills in playing by ear.


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