Friday, May 6, 2016

Open House for us in Salt Lake City

My brother, Bruce, and his wife Sara sponsored an open house at Salt Lake City for us.  Nice to see friends and family (who are also our friends!)

LeRon & I with our nieces Josie and Carlie

My sister Myrna and I with our niece Elizabeth and Myrna's son David

LeRon & I with my sister Myrna and nieces and nephews

Myrna, Bruce and me with Diane Clifton Hallstrom and John Foulkes. All Taber friends!!  Funny thing happened . . . John asked Diane what her husband did for a living and Diane said, "Well, he works for the Church."  "Oh, what does he do?" asked John.  "He's a General Authority," said Diane, matter-of-factly.  The look of shock was fun to see on John's face!  We won't forget this incident any time soon.

Colleen, Bruce and Myrna with our cousins Jean and Mary
Standing front and center are Wally & Judy.  Judy was at one time married to my brother Bruce.  So nice that there are good feelings among all of us.  In fact, Judy is talking with Sara (on far right), Bruce's wife.  Makes for nice family relationships.

Bruce & Sara, LeRon & me with our nieces Carlie and Elizabeth

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  1. Somehow I missed this post. Fun that you got to see so many people!