Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lesson Learned: Follow the Map

On Saturday, we braved the traffic to go to a different mall than we're used to shopping at.  We had a map.  We also had GPS coordinates.  No such things as addresses around here.  In fact when we were buying internet time, we were asked where we lived.  Our minds went blank.  I said, "Well, we know how to get there.  We live on such and such a road."  And that was good enough!

Anyway, we had entered some coordinates for this mall that we got from another senior missionary.  So we were following the GPS and I was following the map.  When they disagreed, we decided to follow the GPS.  Not a good idea.  It took us all over the place.  Finally, we followed the map like we should have done in the first place.  And there was the mall!!  What should have taken 20 minutes took over an hour!!

We love these tiny bananas.  So sweet and tasty.  We buy these from a roadside stand on our way home.  Look at that cute "double banana".
Poinsettias grow here.  It was so tall that I could hardly get the camera high enough.
Here's Elder Torrie in his non-missionary clothes (i.e. our walking clothes) beside the poinsettia tree.  It's as tall as he is.
A flock of geese to greet me as I walk.
I can't get enough of these gorgeous bougainvilleas.  They grow as a tee but also as a vine so they grow all over the other trees.  So pretty.  And so many different colors.
We've seen these monkey puzzle trees in other countries.  So interesting.
Here's a close-up of its interesting needles/leaves.  


  1. I'm like Eric... I've read all your posts and I had some comments, but now I can't remember what they were! Fun to read, though! :)

  2. I think it is a young Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylia) not indigenous to Africa... There are lots of them in South Africa though.
    Keep writing! :)

  3. It reminds me of Monkey Puzzle trees, except they have thicker branches sticking up off the main branches.

    1. "Monkey Puzzle" trees are Araucaria trees too but "araucana" from Chile. The Araucaria heterophylia is from the Norfolk Island, not very far from New Zealand. :)

    2. Hi Marie! So good to hear from you. How are you doing? I think of you lots. Probably more than you realize!