Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kenyan People are Beautfiul

Just a thought . . . Sometimes we think that because people look different or because they speak English with a strange accent that they somehow aren't as smart as the rest of us.  But oh my . . . we've met some very amazing people whose skin is very black and who speak English in very hard to understand accents.  But they are humble and very intelligent and they have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Today in our meetings, we were well-taught by these humble, good African people.  They sing the hymns with gusto even though the piano is broken so it's all A Capella.  They pray sincerely and fervently without "multiplying many words."  They teach the gospel in pure and simple language.  They have strong desires to study the scriptures (and do they ever know their Bibles!) and to keep the commandments.

I'm a little worried because LeRon and I have been asked to speak in church in two weeks.  I've spoken a lot through the years, but the thought of facing these lovely people is very intimidating.  I want to teach as purely and as simply as they are teaching me.  I'll have to do a lot of praying about it.

Here's a thought to end on:  In Tanzania, where the official language is Kiswahili (not Sawhili -- it's Kiswahili), and where it is VERY hot, when a person is asked how he's doing, he answers "Baridi" (bar-eedee) which means "cold".  So if you're doing good in Tanzania, you are "cold" or "cool" because no one is EVER physically cold or cool.  They are always sweating hot.  Does that make sense?  I thought that was cute.

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  1. I love to read your blog! And Michael played your little song for me that I missed hearing! Thank you!