Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Nairobi Giraffe Centre

I thought my grandchildren might like to see some fun pictures of giraffes.  There is a "Giraffe Centre" in Nairobi.  Spelled that way.  It's the English way to spell it.  It was founded to help educate Kenyan children about their country's wildlife and to also rescue the "Rothschild giraffe" which is endangered.  They have a breeding program at the center also.  Originally there were only 120 Rothschild giraffes but now there are over 300 in Kenya.  So seeing these giraffes is not like seeing them in the wild on a safari.  But it was still very interesting.

Along with the giraffes were . . . warthogs.  So ugly.  But so interesting.  Warthogs stay close to giraffes because giraffes can spot danger from a mile away.  So warthogs feel safe near giraffes.  Giraffes eat from the tallest trees and warthogs eat on the ground so they are totally compatible.

Elder & Sister Lyman feeding the giraffe

Ugly warthogs

Grandpa Torrie feeding the giraffe.  The giraffe's tongue feels really rough and weird.  It's also very, very long.

We heard a lecture about giraffes.  Grandma Torrie is holding a VERY HEAVY leg bone.  It has no bone marrow and is so heavy that it would kill you if it kicked you.

Don't get in the way of these teeth!

Grandma's pointing to the tiny hole that is where the warthog's brain is.  They say the warthog has such a small brain that it can never remember what it's doing.  There are always several mother warthogs caring for babies and they can't remember which babies are theirs!  They go places and forget where and why they are going!

Skull of a warthog.

Grandpa and Grandma Torrie and Elder & Sister Lyman with this young Kenyan who taught us so much about giraffes.  English is the main language but they speak it with heavy accents.  Usually an English accent.  But we met one young man in church today (Sunday, as I'm writing this, May 8, Mother's Day) who had a definite western Canadian accent.  Turned out he had studied at university in, of all places . . . Edmonton, Alberta!  He's studying law and wants to return to Edmonton for more training.  A wonderful, very intelligent, and good young man.

More giraffes and warthogs

Aren't they cute/ugly?  Mothers and babies.

See how the warthog walks on its knees.  Some of the missionaries say they should have the warthog as their mascot because missionaries do so much praying!  They walk on bended knee to forage because their necks can't bend.

A Kenyan is trying to talk Grandpa into going on a safari!  But we would have to check it out.  There are reputable safaris and then there are not.

Cool maribou stork atop a light pole.  Grandpa took this picture out the truck window.  Good shot!  We also saw a baboon crossing the road but never got a picture of it.

The wall with barbed wire around our compound.  Like I said before, I'm in jail!!  Ha Ha.

Another warthog picture.  Not sure why it popped to the bottom.  I don't understand too much about blogging!


  1. Wow! I have to check back every couple of hours or I will miss something!

  2. Fun! Who would have thunk you'd be over there with all these exotic animals, eh?