Saturday, May 7, 2016

Salt Lake City to Chicago to Frankfurt to Johannesburg

A piece of the Berlin Wall in the airport at Frankfurt.  We remember distinctly when the wall came down in November of 1989.  What a great day for rejoicing!  People who had been apart for nearly 40 years were reunited.  Hard to believe how awful things were back then.  In East Berlin there were shortages and long lines to pick up what little products were available.  And just across the wall in West Berlin there was freedom and more prosperity. With the two Germany's united it's hard to remember how things once were.
Dad and his girl!  Heather came and met us in the Chicago airport.  Somehow this picture came in at the top instead of at the bottom where it belongs.

We flew from Utah to Chicago to Frankfurt to Johannesburg.  So nice to have a layover in Chicago to see Heather.  I felt a little homesick as we visited!

Here we are in the Salt Lake City airport.  My brother Bruce was there to see us off and I forgot to take a picture of him and me.  Look at all that luggage!!  So awful to have so much but . . . we are going for a year and a half.  We're just not used to traveling with so much!

At Chicago with our lovely Heather.

Me, Heather and her friend Vince.


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