Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fun Safari Video from a Senior Missionary

Elder & Sister Pehrson, fellow senior missionaries, have posted a video of several safaris they've been on.  They said I could also post it on my blog.  So here it is.  Elder Torrie and I are in a few of the pictures as we were with the Pehrsons on the trip to the Masai Mara.  Underlining below is mine because I think that is so apropos!

Here's Elder Pehrson:
"We have temporarily moved to Nairobi. We’ve traveled back to Eldoret looking for a new flat but it has proven problematic.  In the meantime we’ve been able to go on safari several times. Since we have a four-wheel drive truck of our own it has been easy to go.

"Four-wheeling in Kenya is different than in Utah.  In Utah you drive 200 miles to Moab and then jeep around old mining roads for 20 more miles.  In Kenya you go jeeping 200 miles to get there and then drive 20 miles around the park watching for a Kodak moment.

"Have you ever seen a hippo out the window at Sunday School? We have. Have you ever watched 9 lions eat a wildebeest? We have."


  1. So much to read! So many posts! Thank you!

  2. My girls are watching this and I thought they'd heard me tell them you'd be in some of the pictures, but just now they exclaimed, "There's Grandma! That was Grandma! Why is Grandma in this?" They were so excited. :)

  3. I recognized the landscape in their video. In fact Craig and I were taken to the exact same Masai village as the one they stopped at. Too funny. I recognized the village and some of the people doing the dance.