Thursday, May 25, 2017

May New Missionary Arrivals

It's always exciting to get new missionaries and to see their enthusiasm and love of Jesus Christ.  This time, we welcomed only two missionaries -- one from South Africa and one from Zimbabwe.  I've been down with a bad cold this past week so I didn't take as many pictures as usual.  Usually, LeRon and I are there for the welcome dinner and then for training the next day.  But this time, I was only there for one evening but I really enjoyed visiting with the new missionaries and their trainers.  (I also just did two other posts so you might want to check them out.  I'm trying to get caught up).

Elder Mayekiso (from South Africa) was new last transfer and he has a new trainer, Elder Fraga (from the US), so they were both at the mission home for training.  Elder Fraga's aunt was recently called as the 2nd Counselor in the Primary General Presidency.  She is from Argentina as is Elder Fraga's father.  As soon as I saw the Fraga name, I knew she must be related to Elder Fraga.  By the way, it is pronounced "frog-a" not "frag-a".

Elder Tucker (left) entertained us with stories of him and his twin brother fooling everyone.  His brother is also serving a mission in Africa and they both were at the Johannesburg MTC at the same time and fooled the teachers there.  Elder Hales (on right) is one of the Assistants to the President with the huge responsibility of helping transport and train new missionaries and their trainers.

Sister Mathole (on right) is a new missionary from South Africa and Sister Kiio (on left) will be her trainer.  They are both lovely young women and I enjoyed getting to know them.  They like to smile and laugh a lot.

Whoops . . . I caught Elder Torrie in the middle of a word as he plays for all the missionaries to sing.  Elder Torrie and Elder Hales love to sing and they do it at every opportunity.

Sister Mathole (pronounced "ma-toe-lay") and Sister Kiio (pronounced "key-oh").

Elder Tucker singing with his new companion, Elder Zingoni (from Zimbabwe).

Another funny picture of Elder Torrie.  I'm not good at taking candids.

Elder Hales, Elder Fraga, Elder Ellis and Elder Tucker's head.

New missionaries and President Msane were making funny faces.  You need to click to enlarge.  I don't think President Msane wants me to keep this picture of him.  It made all of us laugh and laugh.
Now for a better picture . . . Elder Zingoni, President Msane, Sister Mathole.

Since Sister Msane was away, President Msane took us all out for dinner.  Usually Sister Msane cooks.  Here we are at Ocean Basket at The Hub.  Delicious food and a nice fire to warm us up.  I was glad for my jacket.  The evenings in Nairobi are very cool.  L-R: Elder Torrie, Sister Torrie, Elder Fraga, Elder Mayekiso.

Hard to get us all in with the tiny flash of my point and shoot camera.  But we are all there.  Thank you President Msane for a lovely meal.

This Hadada Ibis was walking around right in front of the door to our flat.  It is huge.

I tried to take pictures of it but it kept running away from me.  I don't know why.


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