Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mwanza Part III: A Relaxing Saturday

LeRon and I took Saturday off to relax at our hotel, the Mahina Paradise Hotel which was close to the chapel and close to where the Colemeres stay.  We really needed the rest since the last few months have been go go go with hardly a day off.  We are supposed to take one day in a week as a Preparation Day during which we can rest, clean house, do laundry but lately we haven't had the time to do it.  So it was great to rest.  We had thought of driving to the Serengeti but it would have been a 3-hour drive both ways and we decided to forego.  I'm glad we did.  We needed the rest.

The Mahina Paradise Hotel was truly a little spot of paradise.  Not fancy like the other hotel that we ate at yesterday but very lovely with nice buildings and green foliage.  We were so glad we stayed here.  John, the owner was an absolutely amazing man.  He has a PhD in Agriculture and worked for the United Nations and the World Food Bank.  He has traveled to Toronto several times and was very familiar with Canada.  He served on an advisory commission for a development agency.  And people think black people aren't as smart as white people.  NOT TRUE.  This man was amazing.  He was actually from Burundi but when he retired, he wanted to build a resort but Burundi wasn't stable, so they moved to his wife's home country of Tanzania.  They have built a lovely hotel with a conference center and a delicious restaurant.  A very very nice place and highly recommended.  He has talked about the gospel a lot with the Colemeres and I hope that one day he will accept the true church of Jesus Christ.  What an absolutely delightful man!  LeRon had a great time talking agriculture with him.

Margreth is a member of our church who works at the Mahina Paradise Hotel.  She is a returned missionary too.  When she took the job, she asked to always have Sundays off so she could go to church and John, her boss, agreed.  Margreth taught a beautiful lesson in Relief Society on Sunday.

A lovely view from the balcony.

I am ever the bird watcher and noticed this little bird which is not flashy but still interesting.  It reminds me of a king bird back home.  I'll have to find out what it is.

At the Paradise Hotel there were all kinds of gazebos and other places to relax and enjoy the cool breeze.  The man kneeling down is cutting the grass by hand.

We stopped on the street to buy a painting.  The price was definitely right.  About #10.  I have lots of paintings but none from Tanzania.  Now I do.

Colemere's took us to dinner at an outdoor restaurant right on Lake Victoria.

Interesting to watch the fishermen.
Notice the rocks on the hills too.

The fish here were delicious.  And I am not a big fan of fish.  They say if the fish is fresh, it doesn't have a fishy taste and I believe they are right.

The water was soothing to watch.

And then the gorgeous sunset!!!!

If you look closely at the very middle of the picture, you can see a rainbow.

Beautiful Lake Victoria, named after Queen Victoria of England.

The Colemeres and the Torries at the restaurant.  A fun evening of good food and good visiting while looking at a beautiful view.  And we shared the gospel with our waiter too.

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