Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Singing Missionaries

LeRon and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday this past week moving from one flat to another in the same compound.  This flat is more private and more light and bright.  And, wonder of wonders, we actually have hot water in the kitchen sink!  Yeah!!  And we are still close to our good friends from India and South Africa so that is a bonus.  So many nice people here in this compound.  Moving was exhausting but we are happy with our new abode and know that it will work well for senior couples in the future.  I'll post pictures of it later.

Thursday evening we picked up food for Sister Msane at The Hub.  Carrefour was the craziest I've ever seen it.  They've been celebrating their one-year anniversary and that, along with the national Madaraka Day (Kenyan Independence Day) made for a crowd like you wouldn't believe.  We were over a half hour just standing in what we thought was a short checkout line.

Then it was off to the Mission Home to help get dinner for hungry missionaries.  MLC (Mission Leadership Council) is now held every month so we get to see the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders very regularly.  And we always finish out the evening with a sing-along -- from the Children's Songbook as well as from the hymnbook.  And can these missionaries ever sing!  We sang together for over an hour and a half and they didn't want to quit but Elder Torrie and I were exhausted!

Being with the missionaries is definitely a highlight of our mission.  We love every one of them.  So here's missionary pictures for you mothers and fathers.  Unfortunately a few of them (Elder Lotulelei and Elder Cotts among others) had to leave before we started the sing-along so I don't have pictures of them.

Elder Le Cheminant and Elder Musonda

Elder Ang'ila and Elder Mwanziu

Sister Omo and Sister Shanya

The short and the tall:  Elder Chenani and Elder Pavik

Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Hales

Elder Estheimer, Elder Mahanzu, Sister Msane, Elder Chenani all working hard in the kitchen.

Elder Estheimer and Sister Msane (who doesn't like her picture taken)

Elder Mwashi

Elder Chenani loves to get his picture taken

Elder Pavik, Elder Ang'ila, Elder Mwanziu, Elder LeCheminant

Sister Omo, Sister Shanya, Elder Mwashi

Elder Merritt, Elder Pavik

Elder Chenani, Elder Merritt

Elder LeCheminant, Elder Musonda, Elder Estheimer

Elder Hales

Elder Mahanzu, Elder Agesa

Elder Merritt, Elder Wambua, Elder Pavik

Elder Wambua

Elder LeCheminant, Elder Wafula, Elder Estheimer

Elder Agesa, Elder Wafula, Elder Munyariri

Sisters . . . Sisters . . . We're just from two different mothers!  Sister Msane and me

Elder Ang'ila, Sister Msane, Sister Torrie

Sister and President Msane have joined us in singing "The Army of Helaman" . . . we have been taught in our youth . . . and we will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth."  President and Sister Msane both joined the church as adults and so never had the Primary experience.  They both love this particular Primary song.

Elder Mwanziu and Elder Le Cheminant

Elder Merritt and Elder Agesa

Elder Rasmussen, Elder Soita

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  1. Very nice post, as usual. Some of those missionaries seem SOOOO young!