Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mwanza Part IV: Sunday with Great Members and Wonderful Missionaries

I enjoyed the Sunday meetings even though they were all in Swahili.  We even sang the hymns with them.  Swahili is like most foreign languages -- except for English and French -- in that you pronounce every letter.  All of the letters are always pronounced in the same way so you always know how to say the word.  I really like learning languages but I just haven't had time to study Swahili at all like I thought I would.

We enjoyed getting to know the people.  What good, lovely people.  Black people really are very beautiful.  And don't miss the picture of the fish head soup that we ate for breakfast that morning! 

The Mwanza chapel was very lovely with a coffered ceiling painted white.  It was light and fresh and clean.

A happy new member.  Doesn't she look so nice in white?

The young girls were happy to get their pictures taken even though they're not smiling.

Elder Mahanzu and Elder Munyariri

Hard to get faces to show in pictures.

The missionaries off to proselyte.

Sister Colemere with two Relief Society sisters.  The one on the right is the branch president's wife.

The branch president's wife and daughter.  They will soon be flying to Johannesburg, South Africa so they can be sealed as a family in the temple there.  It will be great when the temple in Nairobi is built in the coming years.  In the meantime, members are encouraged to attend the closest temple which is in South Africa, a 4 1/2 hour flight from Nairobi.  

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Sister Itongwa's hair.  Anytime hair is a different color, you know it is fake hair or some kind of fiber woven in to their real hair.  They must spend a lot of time at the hair dressers.

After LeRon worked with the branch clerk, he played the piano while some of the children sang.  President Itongwa's daughter knew almost every Primary song.

They had great fun singing together.
Then it was back to the Colemeres for Sunday dinner and the missionaries were invited too.  They are fine young men.

Can't resist showing you what they gave us at breakfast this morning.  We had our normal eggs and toast and fruit and then they also brought a covered pot.  This is what was in it!!!

When LeRon lifted the lid, I thought that I couldn't possibly eat it.  But they had prepared it just for us so we tried it.  And it was absolutely delicious!!!  Apparently the fish head has the tastiest meat.  We pulled some off to eat and it wasn't fishy at all, just tender and nice.  They say that if fish is fresh, it doesn't taste fishy.  And they were right.  We loved it!!

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  1. We really enjoy you weekly blog updates. It makes me want to go to East Africa on a mission - now I just have to convince Linda