Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend in Eldoret and Kitale Part II: Great Church Leaders in the Kitale Area

There are five branches in the Kitale area.  We went to the Sikhendu Branch building to do the training.  I listened for awhile and then went wandering.

The branch presidents and clerks are listening attentively to Elder Torrie.  He's probably talking faster than they can listen!  (He has only one speed:  too fast!)

But no, they are smiling so I think they are understanding him.  The man in blue reminds me of a black Wilhelm Ostrop!  (He's a good friend and neighbor back home in Grassy Lake, Alberta.  Wilhelm is from Germany and spends half the year in Germany and half the year in Grassy Lake.  He is a prince of a fellow as LeRon would say).
We brought two laptops and a hot spot.  It really helps if they can see as well as hear.  The internet in some of these buildings is not too reliable but we are working to improve it.  Hopefully by the time we leave, things will be better.

Elder Torrie likes to teach and he likes to make people laugh.

These two brethren are from the Kitale Branch.

In the suit is the Sikhendu Branch President and his branch clerk, David.

On the left is the Mautuma Branch clerk or president (can't remember which) and on the right is the Naitiri Branch clerk or president.  Both eager to learn.

These three brethren are from Misikhu Branch.  The brother on the right in the suit is the branch president and the others are clerks.

President Kogo is the District President.  He came with Elder Torrie and me to show us the way to Kitale and to take charge of the meeting.  He brought lunch to serve afterward as some of these brothers have over an hour each way matatu (small bus) ride.  They left home early to be here for 10 a.m.

While they were in the meeting, I wandered around the Sikhendu Branch meetinghouse which is in a rented building in a lovely area.

Here's a view from the chapel toward Mount Elgon which is a small mountain between Kenya and Uganda.

Behind the meetinghouse building is a canvas tent with a corrugated tin roof.  They hold sacrament meeting and other meetings within this tent.
The bathrooms are outhouses -- Gents on the left, ladies on the right.

LeRon had warned me that it was just a latrine.  But I expected that perhaps the ladies room would be more than a hole in the ground.  But no . . . the ladies was a hole in the ground too. I've used these kinds of latrines in other countries but didn't expect it here but I'm a farm girl so it didn't faze me!

The baptismal font is a tank outside with a cornfield behind it.

And a farmer's house and yard is next to the church.

This is the inside of the tent meetinghouse.  There are lights too.  Pretty well set up I would say.  So interesting how they make do with what they have and are satisfied.

Another farmer's yard beside the church.  Notice how the woman bends from the waist.  We were always taught to bend the knees to save our backs the strain.  We used our leg and arm muscles to lift.  But women here don't do that.
This unfinished home was near the chapel.  Interesting to see the mode of construction.

Gorgeous green crops.


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