Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Safari Part XII: Lovely Landscapes of the Masai Mara

This is my last post of our photos from our Safari to the Masai Mara.  I love the open prairie lands (called the savanna).  It reminds me of home on the prairies of southern Alberta.  Except that the animals are VERY different.

Termite mounds dot the land.

The Mara had a bit of rain recently and when the rains come, the termites burrow their way out of their mounds.

Lovely view from our lodge.

Our little hobbit houses at the Lodge.

This is a cactus tree.  The trunk is made of bark.  Very different from what you think of when you think of cactus.
Ha ha.  Not so much scenery but don't you love the warthog?  We only saw a few so I didn't do a separate post.  But I had to include this picture somewher.

We only saw a few buffalo, so once again I didn't do a post about buffalo.  So will put it here.  African buffalo are very different from American bison.

Beautiful lily pond.
We saw hundreds of elephant gathered in one spot but it looks like I never got a picture.  Sad.

And another buffalo keeping cool in the water.


  1. So many great pictures! Loved the warthog. And the sunset--what an amazing sight!

  2. Unreal! So fun to see your adventures. 💛