Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Safari Part X: Agile Antelopes

When I first got here I wasn't interested in antelopes.  But the longer I'm here, the more I find all the different kinds of antelope lovely.  In the Mara, we saw Thompson's gazelle, Grant's gazelle, Impala, Waterbuck, Topi.  We didn't see Hartebeest nor Wildebeest.

We saw lots of Topi.  They are striking animals, with kind of bluish legs.

Here's a close-up of a Topi.  Interesting coloration.

These Thompson's Gazelles are small and dainty.  Love the black stripes on their sides.

Waterbucks remind me of reindeer. At least the reindeer in Christmas stories.

Waterbucks are very furry creatures with furry tails.

Impalas have curved horns.  Someone called them MacDonald antelopes because they have an "M" on their back ends -- a black line down their tail and a black line on each side of their buttocks.

Impalas are graceful creatures.

Love this picture of the Impala.

Two Impalas fighting.

Scenic view of the Mara

One Topi usually stands guard while the other Topis graze.  They stand on high spot, such as this termite mound.

Herd of Topis.

This Topi just stood there while the elephants tussled in the background.

Doesn't this waterbuck remind you of a reindeer?
I know the camera focused on the background instead of on this lovely Thompson Gazelle but oh well. Love the black stripes and the curvey horns.

Love those horns!


  1. Love, Love, Loved it all! Thanks for posting and sharing with us what you learn. It was so fun to zoom in and to get an idea of the vastness of the beauty that is Africa!

  2. I loved seeing all the animal posts, too, Mom! Thanks so much! Loved the little oxpickers on the backs of all of the animals.

  3. What a fun read at the end of the day! X posts! Great pictures and commentary.

  4. Matthew says, "These are awesome (like all animals!)!" Alice says, "Mom kept saying that they're so cute. The ones that look like llamas that Grandma thinks look like reindeer."