Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Safari Part VII: Elegant Elephants

How many of you know Roman Numerals?  Hope so!  This is Part 7 for those of you who need to learn your Roman Numerals.

Elephants are amazing creatures.  We could watch them for a very long time.  They are such family-oriented animals.  The mothers take good care of their young and mourn for a long time when one dies.  They gather in herds of mothers and offspring with perhaps one bull elephant for each herd.  We saw hundreds of elephants.  Our guide told us that there are about 3000 elephants in the Mara.  That's a lot of elephants.  So sad that poaching is still going on.  I remember when piano keys were made of ivory.  But now they are vinyl.  So sad to kill elephants for their ivory tusks.

These elephants were having quite a tussle. 

I think the bigger one is going to win.

Love those flapping ears on the baby elephant.


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