Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Safari Part VI: Jolly Giraffes

Giraffes are such graceful creatures.  I never tire of watching them languidly move along and eat from the tall acacia trees (which are shorter than they are).  We never saw lots of giraffes but enough to be satisfied.

The giraffes remind LeRon and I of a Canadian kids show called The Friendly Giant.  The giraffe puppet was named Jerome.  Does anyone remember that show?

I love this picture that LeRon took.  (I didn't think he knew how to set the camera!)  You can almost feel the soft texture of the giraffe's hide.  And so fun to see the yellow-billed oxpecker, eating the ticks and other bugs.  Oxpeckers eat bugs off many animals including giraffes, buffalo and zebra.

So interesting to see all the termite mounds.  This picture is definitely "Africa."

The giraffes here in the Masai Mara are Masai Giraffes.  There are three kinds of giraffes:  Masai, Reticulated (with rectangular markings), and Rothschild (with white legs).

Both males and females have short, blunt horns.  How many oxpeckers can you see on this giraffe?

Nice to see a giraffe along with antelope.

Again, check out the oxpeckers on this giraffe.  It is a symbiotic relationship: the oxpeckers get food and the giraffe gets relief from bugs.

Not an outstanding photo but this is definitely an "African" picture.

I love the graceful giraffe!


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