Saturday, April 22, 2017

Great Black Leaders in the KNM

We have met some great black leaders in the Kenya Nairobi Mission.  They are humble and so eager to learn and be taught.  President Msane brings the five District Presidents and the five Mission Branch Presidents into Nairobi once a quarter.  He trains them in their duties and they discuss common challenges.  Elder Torrie and I also get to be with them.  They are good men trying to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

Elder Pehrson, a senior missionary serving in Eldoret was here that day so he and his wife joined us at dinner at Spur at The Hub shopping mall.  Here also is President Kogo from the Eldoret District.

President Itongwa from Mwanza, Tanzania Branch and President Kibanda from the Arusha, Tanzania Branch.  They are puzzling over the menu.  I find all menus puzzling.  That's probably why I end up ordering the same thing if I go to the same restaurant more than once.  If it was good, that is.

President Ochieng from the Naivasha Branch and President Okila from the Kisumu Branch.

President Msane having a laugh with President Imende of the Busia Branch.  Sister Msane stayed home to babysit some of her missionaries.

President Okila of Kisumu and President Muia, the Chyulu District President.  Not all of the district presidents were able to stay for dinner that evening.  Missing are President Kaunange of Kilungu Hills, President Msafiri of Mombasa, and President Mwaipopo of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Sister Pehrson won't like this picture!  My eyes are so bad that I didn't even notice that her eyes were closed.  Sorry, Sister Pehrson.  At least Elder Pehrson's eyes are open.

And here we are . . . Elder and Sister Torrie.  So glad to be serving a mission here in the KNM (Kenya Nairobi Mission).  Hard to believe that we only have 6 months left of our 18 months.  Time has flown by.

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  1. Oh, wow. Sister Pehrson almost looks like Aunt Phyllis in that picture... are you sure she's not related to the Redds somewhere way back?!