Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Safari -- Part I continued (from a frustrated blogger)

I tried to add these pictures to Part I but I ended up cross and cranky because it wouldn't do what I told it to do.  So . . . I won't fight it any longer.  (I can move pictures around until I put captions on and then when I add pictures, they flip all over the place.  I'm not very tech savvy I guess).  So here are some pictures that really belonged in the first post.  Now I've got to make up the captions all over again.  Remember that the animal pictures will come in their separate posts.  And take note of my cool alliteration.

The intrepid eight: L-R: Elder & Sister Petersen, Elder & Sister Jensen, Elder & Sister Torrie, Elder & Sister Pehrson.  We've been game driving all day and we look like it.  I think we all need a bath.

Sister Petersen and our amazing game driver and guide, Harrison.  He knew all the birds and animals and where to find them and what they eat and where they go.  Highly recommended.

Here I am at the end of the safari.  It was a lovely lodge and a great safari.

The interior of the hotel was just as amazing as the rooms and the surroundings.

You can look outside and see giraffes feeding and zebras grazing.  It's open to the outside so birds fly in and out just like they do in train stations in Europe.

The Lodge was designed to mimic the Masai people's homes.  These homes are loaf-shaped and made of mud, sticks, grass and cow dung.  I'm glad to know the hotel was not made of mud and sticks and dung!

The information said that the lodge had been recently renovated and provided with electricity 24 hours/day.  Nice!

LeRon in Hobbitville.

LeRon taking a last look around.  These pictures are all at the end of our safari.  Pictures of animals will be next.

So fun to walk out to the air strip and not worry about security.

Behind me is the short, small hill on which sits our hotel.

The Mara Serena air terminal!  And behind it is a restroom complete with flushing toilets, toilet paper, sinks, and soap!

The planes landing and taking off kick up a lot of red dirt.

When you're arriving or departing, you pick your luggage from the hold of the plane.
Cooking our food.

This was a tiny plane with one row of seats on each side.  Enjoyable 45-minute ride.


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