Monday, October 30, 2017

Last Post

Last Post.  Ha ha.  Reminds me that Remembrance Day is approaching -- November 11 -- which is also my little neighbor girl, Faye's birthday.  We're fast running out of time.  Crazy busy.  Trying to get everything done before our replacements come late Saturday night.  I will post final pictures, etc. AFTER I am home.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!


  1. Crazy! I will miss you once you're home--I've gotten so used to checking in on you here. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences. Safe travels!

  2. FINALLY! now I can say it - HURRAH, YOU'RE DONE!!!!! I've missed you guys a LOT. Not that it seems like it would make much difference since I'm 1000 miles away on a good day anyway, but somehow having you even farther away and completely inaccessible has been hell for me...