Saturday, October 14, 2017

Today was a Good Day

Today, as I went through some of my photos, I got excited about the pictures we took at the Nairobi National Park when we went there with Elder Johnson, the senior missionary who is the doctor for the Africa South East Area.  Sister Msane asked us to take him there and we jumped at the chance.  Elder Johnson loves the wildlife as much as we do.  The pictures will be coming up in a later post. . . .  crested cranes, baby ostriches, baby rhino and mom, a secretary bird, baby jackals.  Every time we go, we see different things.  This time we saw hundreds of zebras, wildebeests, hartebeests, and buffalo drinking from a big watering hole.  We sat and watched them for a long time as they came and went.

But first, I want to tell you about our visit today to Tamambo's, the gorgeous outdoor restaurant in the Karen Blixen Estate.  We haven't been there for quite a long while.  The waiters all recognized us with our mission attire and our name tags.  One said that he still has the gospel pamphlet we gave him a long time ago.  He keeps it with his Bible and reads it during his daily Bible study.  How cool is that?  So I gave him a brochure about our church teachings on The Family.  He was thrilled to receive it and soon another waiter came and asked if he could have one too.  There's not too many restaurants in the West where waiters ask you for church publications!  So cool to be on a mission here in Africa.  Personally, I think the West's time is over and now it is Africa's time for the gospel to spread.  The people are so willing and yearning to talk about Jesus Christ.  I always tell them that it's always good to learn more good things and they agree.  So refreshing!

This is the first Pday Saturday in a long time that we could just relax . . . and do the laundry and clean the house and go through my pictures and go out to eat at Tamambo's and visit with our neighbors.  It was a good day!

Had to look at Eric Mathenge's paintings again.  Couldn't resist a few more.  After all, we won't be back for a few years!  He's going to paint a leopard for us.

A little fishy swimming in the lily pond at Tamambo's.

Pretty Lily pond

Doesn't Pooja look cute in her Indian attire?  She's my Indian daughter.  I love her a lot.

More wonderful Kenyan neighbors.  Rachel with Joseph and Benjamin.  Nice Bible names!  These people, like so many in our compound, are very educated, friendly, and just plain good people.

Elder Torrie (who is definitely looking older, don't you think?  In fact, without my glasses on, he looks a lot like Anatole from Ukraine!!)  Here's Elder Torrie and Elder Johnson after our 4 hours in the Nairobi Park.  It was a great 4 hours!  You'll see some very cool pictures in another post.

Now we're back at the mission home after our morning in the park.  We got back right at 10:30 which is when Sister Msane said we had to be back.  Here we are with Elizabeth, the mission home caretaker.  

The Three Muskateers had a great morning at the park (6:30 to 10:30 a.m.) -- Elder Johnson, Sister Torrie, Elder Torrie


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