Sunday, October 15, 2017

Elder Rasmussen Singing -- All in one video instead of three

I again videoed Elder Rasmussen singing Consider the Lilies,  but this time I did one video instead of three and Elder Torrie was able to make it small enough to attach to this blog.  (The reason I did it in three last time was because I can only upload so many MB's at a time).  Making it smaller decreases the quality of the picture but the sound is still good.  So even though I know many of you have looked at a previous post of Elder Rasmussen singing, now you can see it in one video instead of three.  This is also for Sister Msane who absolutely loves that song and she loves the way Elder Rasmussen sings it.


  1. beautiful song. Good job Elder. Fun to see my boy in the background!

  2. I watched it through tears! Beautiful!