Thursday, October 26, 2017

Arusha, Tanzania in September-- the Branch and the Missionaries and Yoga Too!

Today we are sheltering in place while the Kenya re-election is taking place.  As you probably know from the news, the Kenya Supreme Court nullified the August election as far as the president goes, so another election is taking place today.  So today and at least tomorrow, we are inside although we can walk around our compound which is very safe and we have great neighbors.

So today I am catching up on laundry, doing a bit of packing in preparation for our leaving in a couple of weeks and in preparation for the arrival of our replacements, Elder & Sister Sutherland.  I'm also getting caught up on posting pictures.  You are probably tired of seeing animal pictures, but honestly, the animals here are amazing.  And the people are too.  I'll post some of both.

In September, we flew to Arusha in Tanzania so LeRon could audit the branch books and also do training with the branch clerk.  We met up with Elder and Sister Munson who are stationed right now in Dar Es Salaam but who fly to Arusha on occasion to help with the branch there.  So from Arusha, we drove to the Ngorongoro Crater, a 4-hour drive from Arusha.  More about the amazing crater next time.

But for now, here's pictures of some cool street scenes in Arusha and of the missionaries serving there.  Also some pictures of a young man who is teaching yoga to the children in Arusha.

Note to my daughter Michelle:  Somehow there's two videos that are the same and I can't delete one of them.  Actually I'd like to delete both because they're not that good.  Do you know how to do it?

We're here in Arusha, Tanzania, visiting Sister Mbaki and Sister Mathole.  I'm on the left and Sister Munson is on the right.  We had a great evening visiting with these two lovely sister missionaries.  Sister Mbaki is from DR Congo and Sister Mathole is from South Africa.  Sister Mbaki's English is coming really well and in turn she is teaching Sister Mathole some French and they both are learning Swahili.  They are excited to be serving in Tanzania.

Now for some Arusha street scenes that I took through the truck window.  I find it so fascinating how people, especially women, carry things on their heads.

The women move quickly along, almost as if they have nothing balancing on their heads.

They can even turn and talk to each other without anything slipping.

There are lots of little shops but they also sell almost anything on the street.

I'm not sure if the things they are selling are new or used.

Love those colorful clothing too.

Handcarts carry anything you can imagine.

More stuff for sale.

School children wear uniforms.

Food for sale.

A woman gracefully balancing bananas on her head.  

Many Muslims in Tanzania.  The Arabic script is very beautiful.  And so are the gorgeous Jacaranda tree blossoms.  They smell delicious.

Interesting sign.  Corruption is a real problem in Kenya and Tanzania (as it is in many countries).

After a long day of sharing the gospel, Sister Mathole and Sister Mbaki are happy to go for pizza with us.  It was a lovely outdoor restaurant with delicious food.

Sister Mathole and Sister Mbaki.

Sister Torrie and Elder Torrie

Sister Munson and Elder Munson.  Sorry, Elder Munson, I must have caught you in the middle of trying to say something!

We four girls squished into the back of the truck.  Good thing we are all smallish.

From the top of the apartment building that houses the senior couples flat is an interesting view of the neighbors.  Click to enlarge and you will see that they are drying clothes on the razor security wire.  Hope they remove the clothes very carefully.  I mean really -- this is RAZOR wire!

We're here on the roof of the apartment building.  Mount Meru is in the background covered with cloud.

A close-up of Mt. Meru.  Mt. Kilimanjaro is on the other side of Mt. Meru and can't be seen from Arusha.

The church in Arusha is in a lovely renovated home.  But this big tent beside the house is used for sacrament meeting and other large meetings.  I was impressed with how clean the building was.  The members take pride in their building and come every Saturday to clean it.

The sidewalks around the chapel are made of broken ceramic tiles pressed into cement.  lvely and fun to walk on.

More of the broken ceramic tile sidewalks.

Sister Munson was happy to greet members the Munsons associated with when they were stationed in Arusha from January to March 2017.

This young man is a recent convert who is "giving back" by providing free yoga lessons to the children every Saturday.  Yoga keeps your body limber.  Wish I had started it in my youth.  Much harder when you are a senior.

The children lay out big rugs on which to do their yoga.

Branch children and neighborhood children join in the class each Saturday.

I was impressed with the kind, patient way this young man taught the class.

Cute little Tanzanian children.


I took a class for yoga for seniors once and found that I'm not very supple!  Can't even imagine doing this.  But then, I never could, even when I was young!

The kids are having trouble too.

But it's still fun!

President Kibanda, the Arusha branch president, stopped by to watch the class.  He is at the chapel every Saturday as Saturday is a big day for other events and classes.

Class is ending.  Come next week.

Nice to see the kids helping to put things away.

There's a method to rolling up the rug.  I think I've got it!


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