Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nairobi National Park -- Antelopes and Cousins

This cute little "Bambi deer" is actually a Mountain Reedbuck.  It is tiny.  It has a shaggy body and a less shaggy and different colored neck.

Mountain Reedbuck is staring right at us.  So cute.  You can tell it's not a dik-dik because it doesn't have white around its eyes.  Click to enlarge.

This is a great view of the hartebeest's horns.  They look like the beginnings of a heart, hence the name.  The back is sloped like the Topis we saw in Masai Mara.

African Buffalo definitely look different than American Buffalo but they still look like cattle to me.

We didn't see many Thomson's Gazelles this time.  They are such dainty creatures with straight horns and a black stripe on each side.

The Thomson Gazelle doesn't have an "M" on the back like the Impala has.

Lots of Impalas today, with the curvy horns and the M on the behind.

Impala does (mama impalas) and young ones don't have horns.

Lots of hartebeests today.  We also saw an Eland but I never got a photo of it.

A good view of the hartebeest's horns and the way they grow out of the head.

The misty day turned into a nice sunny day.  Perfect for watching the wildlife.

We saw a few giraffes and they all look alike.  Graceful, definitely.

The wildebeests here in the Nairobi park look a little different than the ones we saw in Ngorongoro Crater.  Still so ugly they're cute.
The Wildebeest in the crater had so much hair on their faces that you couldn't see their eyes.  Not sure why these are different.  Does anyone know?  Of course you haven't yet seen pictures from the Crater.


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