Saturday, December 2, 2017

Still to Come . . .

I still have a lot of pictures that need to be posted of our last two weeks in Kenya.  They are still coming.  Just be patient.  I am recuperating after giving my all to the Kenya Nairobi Mission for 19 months.  I hope to get it done before Christmas.

Still thinking of all the wonderful people in Kenya and of our amazing KNM missionaries.  I miss you all, including my sister from another mother -- Sister Msane.  I really miss my regular association with her and her husband, our KNM president, President Msane.  You are in our prayers every day.

We came home to snow and cold, but, like southern Alberta often is in the winter, it's warmed up today and the snow is gone.  Trees are bare and the grass is brown.  Very different from Nairobi!  It's been great to be in our own home and to be near some of our kids and our granddaughter (the other grandchildren live far away in North Dakota and in Chicago).

We spoke in church the week we got home and Elder Card's parents and three sisters came from Cardston to hear us speak.  Elder Montgomery's grandparents -- the Woods -- came down from Calgary.  Good to meet these families.  Some day we will meet more of the families.  We love all of the missionaries we've served with -- all 136 of them!


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