Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rubbing Shoulders with Good People Part II

Somehow when I add pictures to a post I've already started on, it messes up the order of the pictures.  So instead of messing things up, I'm putting an addendum on to my previous post.

Needed to get a picture of LeRon and me.  The Msanes hosted all the District and Mission Branch Presidents to a dinner at Hemingways which is a fancy hotel here in the Karen area of Nairobi.  The hotel had set up long tables outside for the 17 of us.  The weather was just perfect.  It was probably the first time I've eaten outside here that I haven't felt chilly in the evening.  When the sun goes down here in Nairobi, it usually gets very cool.  But this night it was just right and no mosquitoes attacked me either.

President and Sister Ballilemwa are a very lovely couple.  They have two young children.  They found Nairobi to be very cold after the heat of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania where they live.

And President Kamau and his wife were so pleasant to visit with.  They are about the ages of my kids.

President Okila from Kisumu and Elder Torrie had great fun laughing together.  Elder Torrie was in rare form as he entertained everyone with his droll humor.  I can't remember what they were talking about when I snapped this photo of President Okila and his two empty bottles of water.

It was hard to get a picture of everyone at once but I tried.  The flash didn't reach to the end of the table.
President Msafiri from Mombasa and President Muia from Chyulu.
President Kibanda from Arusha, Tanzania, and President Ochieng from Naivasha.
President Itongwa from Mwanza, Tanzania, and President Kaunange from Kilungu Hills, Kenya
President Okila from Kisumu and President Kogo from Eldoret.
Sister Msane listening attentively!

Hard to get a good picture of people eating!!  A good time was had by all.  So nice to rub shoulders with these people who have testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and who so badly want to do what is right.


  1. Mom, you can just cut and paste the pictures if they are out of order... But this works too. :)

  2. Its sure fun to read your blog! Thanks for "religiously" keeping it up to date!

    Do you live anywhere close to here:
    2nd Floor,
    Bishop Magua Centre,
    Ngong Rd,
    Nairobi, Kenya

    They make a cool remote education product for education in Africa that I'm interested in:

    We're praying for and proud of you!
    Mel and Family

  3. Michelle: I've found that cut and paste doesn't always work. Sometimes it flips the pictures to crazy places.

    Mel: I looked on the map and found that yes, it's here in Nairobi, but is a 1 1/2-hour drive from where we live and from where our mission office is to that office. That's probably in good traffic! Ngong Road goes a long ways through Nairobi! You can drive for a long time and still be in Nairobi. I checked the website and it looks very interesting. Even though many things about Kenya are 40-60 years behind the west, they definitely have technology. Lots of love to your family, Aunt Colleen T.

  4. A friend from elementary school, Laurel Fujimagari Watson, was just in Nairobi, and went to some places that you have been. Too bad I didn't know she was going there until she returned to Calgary!

  5. Seems like you do a lot of shoulder rubbing! ;)

  6. I'd say a lot of other people are doing shoulder rubbing with two wonderfully great people. :)