Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nairobi Zone Conference -- February 1, 2017

I know how much the mothers love to see pictures of their sons and daughters.  So here are pictures from the Nairobi Zone Conference.  Zone conferences happen every quarter.  It's a time for missionaries to get together to fellowship and friendship, and to receive instruction from the mission president.  Since our mission is spread out over two countries, four zone conferences are held in four different areas -- Nairobi, Eldoret, Chyulu (all in Kenya), and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.

Eating is a big part of Zone Conference.  We had KFC and Sister Msane's delicious salads and my delicious brownies and blond brownies with ice cream.  L-R: Elder Mugele, Elder Kyuvi, Elder Musonda.

Elder Gimeyi, Elder Limu, Elder Coombs (who is one of our fellow Canucks -- from Edmonton Alberta).

R-L: Elder Otieno, Elder Muthiani, Elder Apuoyo and others.

R-L: Elder Apuoyo, Elder Warenga, Elder Ngabonziza, Elder Petersen, Elder Fraga and others.

R-L: Elder Petersen, President Msane, Elder Fraga, Elder Cox, Elder Hales.

Elder Cox and Elder Fraga enjoying a laugh with President Msane.

L-R: Elder Limu, Elder Coombs, Elder _____ (his name escapes me).

L-R: Elder Noel, Elder Odhiambo, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Limu, Elder Coombs

Elder Noel and Elder Odhiambo (they went with us to Nakuru National Park -- I told you about it in a previous post), and Elder Gimeyi who is a new missionary.

L-R: Sister Auma from Uganda, Sister Kiio from Kenya, Sister Njoroge from Kenya, Sister Gondwe from Zambia.

L-R: Sister Okila from Kenya, Sister Auma from Uganda, Sister Kiio from Kenya

L-R: Sister Shanya from Uganda, Sister Masibo from Kenya, Sister Were from Kenya and Sister Okila from Kenya

Elder Cotts, Elder Pavik, and Elder Muzwenje.

Elder Butters, Elder Ellis, Elder Cotts

Elder Brown, Elder Butters, Elder Ellis

Elder Egbert and Elder Manu enjoying their food

Elder Wafula from Kenya and Elder Nyanhamo from Uganda

Elder Jameson, Elder Elliott, and Elder Wafula

Elder & Sister Petersen represent LDS Charities here in Kenya

Then there's Elder Torrie and me and sweet Sister Msane.

After the Zone Conference it was picture time.  Elder Limu is front and center.

Trying to gather the crowds for a group picture.  Elder Elliott is front and center.

Everyone always says that "if you can see the camera, the camera can see you."  I've never believed it.  Yes, your eyes can see the camera, and the camera can see your eyes but not your whole face.  So hard to get everyone in.

Had to take a picture with me in it.  I'm there on the left.

After the group photo, we all sang Happy Birthday to Elder McGrath's mother!  Fun!

Happy Elder McGrath.  His mother is going to love that video.

Elder Wafula, Elder Torrie grimacing for the camera, and Elder McGrath.

Elder Cotts and Elder Cox.  Try differentiating that one!

Elder Nyanhamo and Elder Egbert

Elder Elliott and Elder Gimeyi

Elder Elliott is companions with Elder Muzwenje.  Actually, he's in a threesome with Elder Kyuvi (who is not in this picture).  Elder Coombs smiled for the picture at just the right time.

Elder McGrath and Elder Limu having fun together.  Is that Elder Jameson in the back?

Wow.  Look at Elder Muzwenje show off his muscles.  Elder Elliott says he needs a picture of every missionary (the Elders that is, not the Sisters) picking him up.

Elder Wood and Elder Muthiani

Elder Warenga, Elder Torrie, and Elder Gimeyi

Elder Ellis, Elder Barnard, Elder Limu, Elder Nyanhamo

Sister Njoroge, Sister Kiio, Sister Gondwe, Sister & Elder Torrie.  We love the sister missionaries!

Elder Hales, where is your crutch?  Sister Msane wants to know!  Don't walk on that leg.  And no more soccer on Pdays!!

Elder Manu, Elder Ellis, Elder Noel

The day was long.  The Elders are back in the gym eating again.  This time I brought bread and peanut butter and jam.  Also potato chips.  It was a hit.  L-R:  Elder Fraga, Elder Manu, Elder Wood, Elder Egbert.  Looks like they're having a disagreement but really they're not.  They get along great. 


  1. Thank you for posting pictures and writing about the mission. I just recently came across your blog. It's wonderful! We especially enjoy seeing our dear Elder Brown.
    ~Shana Brown (Elder Brown's mom)

  2. I was researching ways to send art supplies to a school in Kenya, found your blog. IS there anyway you could answer a few questions for me? I am in Utah and a member, is there a way to send art supplies to Kenya for a little school, mostly preschool age children, or is it prohibitive? my email is marenscott@comcast.net Thanks, I want to help these little kids but have no idea how.

  3. Thanks for posting Sister Torrie - I will admit that fathers enjoy seeing pictures and reading about the mission too. Your posts fill in lots of information.