Thursday, January 19, 2017

January New Missionaries

It's always great to greet the new missionaries.  They come with very mixed emotions of trepidation and excitement.  It's a very different culture for many of them.  This transfer we welcomed 5 Africans from Uganda and Zimbabwe and 4 Americans from the US.  Elder Torrie and I instantly love them all and we do our best to make them feel extremely welcome.  President and Sister Msane are great too.  Very warm and kind.  And the new mission home that former President and Sister Hicken set up just a couple of months before they were released is perfect to house so many rambunctious missionaries and their trainers.  It's a madhouse but a fun madhouse!

All the missionaries enjoy Elder Torrie.  And they like to gather round the piano and sing.  Behind Elder Torrie you can see new missionaries, Elder McIntyre and Elder Elliott.  To the right in glasses is new missionary, Elder Nyanhamo from Zimbabwe.  To his right is Elder Muzwenje and peeking into the picture is Elder Rasmussen, hymnbook in hand.

Another view of Elder McIntyre, Elder Elliott, Elder Nyanhamo, Elder Muzwenje and grinning Elder Rasmussen.

Fun together.  Elder Wafula always has a goofy face to make for the camera.  Then there's Elder Ang'ila, Elder Mahanzu, and an Elder peeking behind that I can't entirely see, and Elder Rasmussen.

Elder Wambua, Elder Mugele, new missionary Elder Gimeyi, and Elder Brown.

Elder Lotulelei, Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis, Elder Pavik

Chat time with President Msane and Elder Ang'ila and new Elder Kyomya from Uganda.

We have all African sisters in our mission and they are so warm and friendly.  L-R: new Sister Ngwaru from Zimbabwe, Sister Were from Kenya, new Sister Auma from Uganda, and Sister Omo from Kenya.  Fun to hug these sweet sisters.

Good thing Sister Msane likes to cook because there are a lot of mouths to feed!  Often she fixes chicken or beef curry and rice.  Tonight it's Kentucky Fried Chicken with a baked potato dish and salads.  Yummy!  L-R: Elder Rasmussen, Elder Pavik, Elder Gimeyi, Elder McIntyre, Elder Fuller, Elder Elliott, Elder Nyanhamo, Elder Brown.

Elder Ellis, Elder Merritt, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Pavik, Elder Gimeyi, Elder McIntyre

Elder Muzwenje, Elder Kyuvi, Elder Lotulelei

Elder Agesa and Elder Mahanzu

On Tuesday these missionaries were all here for an MLC (Missionary Leader Council).  These are all the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders in the Kenya Nairobi Mission.  L-R back: Elder Lotulelei, Sister Were (pronounced "wear-eh"), President & Sister Msane, _____, _____, ______ (hard to see but I'll ask Elder Wafula for help later), Elder Merritt, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Pavik, Elder Hales, Elder Wafula, Elder _____, Elder Mugele.  Front starting with the pink dress: Sister Omo, Elder Mahanzu, Elder Agesa, Elder Pavik.

Now for a picture of the new January missionaries:  Elder Thompson, Elder Kyomya, Elder Gimeyi, Elder McIntyre, Sister Auma (pronounced "ah-oo-mah"), Elder Fuller with Elder Elliott in front, Elder Nyanhamo, Sister Ngwaru with President and Sister Msane in front.

Sister Msane likes to do a crazy picture too.  So here is one of the several I took.  Nice to have fun together.

Now here are the new arrivals with their trainers.  L-R:  Elder Muzwenje, Elder Ang'ila, Elder Thompson, Elder Cotts with Elder Kyomya in front, Elder Mahanzu, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Mlambo, Elder McIntyre with Sister Auma in front, Elder Soita with Elder Ellis in front, Elder Fuller, Elder Nyanhamo, Sister Okila, Elder Egbert, Sister Omo, Sister Ngwaru.

And the funny picture again!

Elder Egbert always has a bright smile!  Here he is with Elder Hales who is one of the Assistants to the President.  LeRon and I also work closely with Elder Hales and his companion, Elder Wafula.  They are all great missionaries.

I believe Elder Cotts' already blond hair is much blonder from his days in the sun in Dar Es Salaam and Mombasa.  It is very hot, hot, hot there.  Now he's being transferred to a less hot place in Kenya so that will be a treat for him.

Sister Msane has purchased pillows and bed sheets for all the missionaries.  The theory is that they are supposed to carry them with them when they are transferred.  Good idea!!  Elder Fuller and Elder Thompson love their pillows!!

Elder McIntyre will be going south to where it is VERY hot.  And he will have to learn Swahili because that is the main language in Tanzania.  Will be a challenge!

Elder Mlambo, Elder Kyomya and Elder Ang'ila.

Elder Egbert and Elder Mahanzu having fun together.  Nice to see missionaries enjoying each other's company.


  1. Thanks for your uplifting blog posts, mom. So much better than reading the news!

  2. Yes they are, Michelle! Much better than the news!

  3. Ha ha, Myrna. That was Michael, not Michelle! Love you!!

  4. Thanks Sister Torrie for the pictures so nice to see my boy. Elder Rasmussen. And thank you so much for all that you do for the missionaries.