Sunday, July 24, 2016


So fun to see animals in the wild.  We were driving last Sunday from our Langata Branch to the Rongai Ward and there, right by the road, were several baboons.  They are not as big as I thought they would be.  I rolled down my window to take some better pictures, then wondered if the baboons would hustle over and grab my camera but they didn't.

Cute, eh?

Coming home today (July 24) from the Rongai Ward, we saw baboons running across the road.  I wasn't fast enough to click a picture.  These were on the side of the road, not crossing the road as we saw before.

Interesting how they hold their tails.

There were actually five baboons but only these pictures turned out.

Wild warthogs by the side of the road.  They are really dangerous animals.  Can turn and rend you.  And there were people close by waiting for a matatu (a small bus).  They didn't seem scared of the warthogs but I would have been.  Glad I was in the car.
Fun to see a donkey pulling a handcart.  Usually men pull the handcarts.


  1. The baboons in South Africa are actually quite aggressive. In troops of up to 30, they can enter and ransack houses. They can open doors. I hope the Kenyan baboons are nicer.

  2. Wow! Yeah, I'd be scared of all those wild animals.

  3. Baboons are very dangerous anywhere in Africa. And they do try to get into your car and then you wish you had kept your window up even for one quick picture... You were very lucky!

  4. Thanks, Marie, good to know. We'll be more careful next time!