Sunday, July 24, 2016

It's a Small World After All!

Last Sunday at Church, we met a young American -- Tim Olsen -- who was in Kenya for a conference.  Turns out he's related to Reva (Woodruff) Lybbert.  Reva grew up a mile away from us and we practically helped to raise her!!  She even babysat our kids.

You never know who you're going to meet.  I remember running into one of our son Craig's good friends from high school -- Aaron Van Kasteren -- in the jungle in Peru!!  (We were glad we were behaving ourselves -- which of course we always do!)

We invited Tim to hang out with us as we went to the Rongai Ward and then home to make some supper.  Then later in the week, we took him to the Kazuri Bead factory and then out for supper at the Karen Blixen estate.

Here we are with Reva & Justin Lybbert's cousin, Tim Olsen.

Our little "grandchildren," Joy and Prince, came over to see "the tall man" who was visiting us.

This picture should have been first.  Oh well.  I finally got a picture of this sign in Carrefour, a large Fench department store in "The Hub", one of the new malls.

And here's a "polite notice" sign.  You see these signs all over the place.  Kenyans are very polite people.  Click on the picture to see it close up.  This is in the Kazuri Bead factory.  I've told about Kazuri Beads in another post.  The factory started 40 years ago to give single mothers an income.  Now they make not only beads, but also pottery.  The clay comes from Mt. Kenya.

These look good enough to eat!  Yummy chocolate!  (Well, it looks like chocolate anyway).

We were lucky to be here near closing time.  The girls were loading the kilns so the beads could be fired overnight.

So interesting how they stack the beads inside the kilns.
The girls really enjoy working here.  They move around to different jobs so they don't get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.  And they love to get their picture taken.

Putting the beads together.

They make other kinds of pottery too.

On the left is before firing and on the right is after firing.  All the pottery is made to be food-safe and dishwasher safe.  I've never seen any dishwashers here in Kenya but maybe some of the wealthy people have them.

Tim Olsen tried a "Kenyan" dish at the Karen Blixen restaurant (Tamambo's).  I think the meat was a little tough.

Here's LeRon's food.  Some kind of fish.

This was my meal.  The salmon is always very tasty and the food well-presented.


  1. I love the "Pregnant Ladies" sign! How fun.

  2. Ah, you're making me hungry! No fair! It's still 2 and 1/2 weeks before I can eat whatever I want again! lol