Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nairobi Zone Conference

Back L-R: Elder Petersen, Elder Wafula, Elder Torrie, Elder Odundo, Elder Ford, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Lyman, Elder Otika, Elder Ang'ila, Elder Mugele, President Msane, Elder Manu, Elder Boaz, Elder Pavik, Elder Vidonyi, Elder Hales, Elder Emmanuel, Elder _____, Elder Limu, Elder Mwanziu, Elder Arudo, Elder Soita, Elder Agesa.  

Middle L-R: Sister Petersen, Sister Torrie, Sister Ford, Sister Lyman, Sister Mayoli, Sister Msane, Sister Shanya, Sister Alinyo, Sister Were, Sister Ndong'a, Sister Kiio, Sister Njoroge.  

Front L-R: Elder Musonda, Elder Mwashi, Elder Kiio, Elder Mlambo, Elder Mwaja, Elder Chenani, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Muthiani, Elder Ngabonziza.

Our first Zone Conference!  It was great.  A zone is an area covering several "districts" and "districts" have several companionships of missionaries.  There are 16 companionships in the Nairobi Zone (so 32 but actually 33 missionaries since one companionship has three missionaries).  Then when you count the 4 senior missionary couples (including us), that's 41 missionaries plus the President and his wife.

At a Zone Conference, which is held once a quarter, we receive instruction from the Mission President and his wife and from the Assistants to the President.  The theme of our conference was "Obedience is a Choice."  Elder L. Tom Perry, of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles said that obedience "is a choice between our own limited knowledge and power and God's unlimited wisdom and omnipotence."

Elder Boyd K. Packer, another of our Apostles (who recently passed away), said, "Obedience is powerful, spiritual medicine.  It comes close to being a cure-all."  I like that.  So important to obey.  With obedience comes safety and a multitude of blessings.

Another thing from Zone Conference:  "We teach people, not lessons."  And another:  When we are asked to do something by the brethren (who speak for the Lord), we should ACT and not just ask WHY.  Then, as we act, the answers to the "why" will come from the Lord to us individually or from the brethren who speak for the Lord.  It's actually quite simple.

Elder Pavik is quite a bit taller than Elder Torrie and me, wouldn't you say?!  Here's a picture of us after the Zone Conference.  We were helping Sister Msane to clean up.  We served Kentucky Fried Chicken with chips and Sis Msane's homemade pasta and cabbage salads.  The missionaries gobbled it up!  (By the way and this is for Elder Pavik's mother:  He looked great!  He's a good missionary.  We enjoyed getting to know him.)

Fun to help Sis Msane feed all those hungry missionaries!

No one wanted to leave after the conference.  Fun to be together.  Here they're helping carry things from the kitchen to the vehicles.  Back L-R: Elder Lotulelei, Elder Hales, Elder Pavik, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Arudo, Elder ______.  Front L-R: Elder Mwashi, Elder ______, Elder Emmanuel.

Fun missionaries -- black and white.  And by the way, it's politically correct to say Black Africans and White Africans and then of course there are the Mzungus (the white foreigners).  Back L-R: Elder Hales with Elder Mwashi in front, Elder Musonda, Elder _____, Elder Emmanuel, Elder ________.  Front: Elder Odundo.

Everyone likes to get in on the fun.  Back L-R: Elder Hales, Elder Pavik, Elder Rasmussen.  Front L-R: Elder Mwaja, Elder Mwashi, Elder Musonda, Elder Arudo, Elder Emmanuel.

Four of the five American missionaries in the Nairobi Zone:  Elder Lotulelei, Elder Hales, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Pavik.  Just missing Elder Manu (who is also very tall).  He must have already left.

Elder Mwaja (from Tanzania) and Elder Musonda (from Zambia) with Elder Torrie

Elder Chenani with Elder Torrie and me.  It's fun to meet the missionaries after weeks of getting their documents ready prior to their arrival in the mission.  I always get to see their photos and then it's interesting to actually see them in person.  Elder Chenani was one of 14 new missionaries who arrived in June.  He's doing great!
Elder Agesa, Elder Emmanuel

Elder Ang'ila, Elder Kiio

Elder Manu-Tuinei, Elder Vidonyi

Elder Mlambo, Elder Ngabonziza

Elder Mugele, Elder Limu

Elder Musonda, Elder Lotulelei

Elder Muthiani, Elder Pavik, Elder Chenani, Elder Rasmussen

Elder Mwaja, Elder Hales, Elder Musonda

Elder Mwanziu, Elder Soita

Elder Mwashi, Elder Boaz

Elder Odundo, Elder Otika
Sister Alinyo, Sister Ndong'a

Sister Mayoli, Sister Kiio, Sister Njoroge

Sister Shanya, Sister Were


  1. Fun to see all these pictures! I hadn't realized you and Dad are so short. :)

  2. Well, they may be short, but they look so happy and cute! :o)

  3. Wow, that elder is SO TALL! And it's interesting to see the building materials (construction). Wow.

  4. Wow I'm so happy to see those photos again. Thank you once again Elder and Sister Torrie for initiating this platform to keep those Unforgettable Memories we all had while serving the Lord.

  5. Hej Elder Kiio. How are things going for you? We have such happy memories of all of you wonderful missionaries. Now we are serving a mission in Sweden! You can see our blog at (no www at the first). Keep in touch. What are you doing with your life now? Let us know. If you have What'sApp on your phone, you can join the Kenya Nairobi What'sApp group. Send me your phone number to so Sister Msane can add you. Lots of love.