Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flowers and Things

First . . . We are devastated by what has happened in France and Turkey recently.  We have a very special sister who lives in France and our hearts ache for her fellow countrymen.  We have a love for France and a love for Turkey; we've traveled several times in both countries.  God bless and help you all.  Pray for the peace of the world.
A few more pictures . . .
On our way home from Zone Conference we drove through an interesting street lined with clothing for sale.  When we used to travel regularly to the old office, we always drove on this street but never saw so many things for sale as we did on this day.  I can only think that there's more wares out since the rainy season is basically over.

The drive home from the Zone Conference (at Upperhill, where our office used to be) took us 2 hours.  We're not supposed to drive at night but we had to in this case.  I tried to snap a picture of all the traffic.  Actually there were three buses trying to merge into one lane.  It was funny.  But I missed the funniest part because my camera is so slow.  Oh well.  I tried.

I love Bougainvillea.  The lovely pink blossoms are really not blossoms at all but are actually a leaf.

This is the first time that I've noticed actual Bougainvillea blossoms.  I used to try to grow these at home.  They didn't do much and of course never survived the winter.  They never blossomed like this.  So interesting.
So many hedges and shrubs and many are sculptured so beautifully.  All cut by hand with shears or long "whackers."

Another view of the sculptured hedges.

This is a gym being built in our compound.  Interesting to see the building techniques.  Everything is hard hand labor.  But at least it gives people work.

There were two huge piles of these concrete blocks at the start of construction.  Each block was hand-carried on a man's shoulder to the work site and hoisted up by hand to where it needed to go.  They pile them up and put a little bit of mortar between them -- a very little bit.  It's mostly just one brick on top of the other.


  1. Wow, that building is crazy! Reminds me of David and Tami's fireplace where they had special craftsmen come in (from Italy?) because actual stone laying is kind of a lost/dying art here. Still going strong there!

    The bougainvillea are beautiful! I can't remember if it's tulips or lilies (both, I think actually), but 3 petals are petals and the other 3 are actually sepals (you know, in most flowers they are usually the little tiny leaves that kind of hold the blossom). I'll have to look up bougainvillea someday and figure out what those leaves are called. Anyways.

  2. That seems like the way they build things in Cairo. Thanks for all you write, Colleen. I enjoy reading your blog!