Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fun Pictures

We invited our new mission president, President Msane and his wife to our place for FHE (Family Home Evening).  Aren't they cute?  They are lovely people.  They are from South Africa and they are both of the Zulu tribe.  Before we had our FHE lesson, we had supper together.  I cooked taco soup and served it with my first attempt at homemade bread here in Kenya.  It was a success!  (Not quite as good as my homemade bread at home because ingredients are different and the oven is different.  Here we don't have our good Alberta-grown wheat to make into flour).

The young missionaries, Assistants to the President, Elder Wafula and Elder Arudo, also came to our place for supper and FHE.  They were in charge of the lesson. We played a communication game and then had a lesson about communicating clearly about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Don't President and Sister Msane look good in white?

Don't LeRon and I look sick?  We are too white!!  Whenever I see mzungus (foreign white people) I think they look sick.  Now looking at this picture, I think we look sick too!  Maybe I need to start sunbathing.  But it's too cold to do that now.  And I hate being out in the hot, hot sun.  Hi Elder Arudo!

We often share the road with cattle.  Our drive to the mission office isn't quite as scenic now that we don't go downtown every day.

These cattle don't even startle when we go zooming past them.  We have passed sheep, goats, and cattle on the road, and none of them act like we are even there!  One goat would hardly get out of our way.  We almost bumped it to make it move.

We often drive past this school.  Look at the words in the red oval:  "I Dream of Becoming a President."  How cool is that?

Now it's Sunday evening and our little "grandchildren" have come over for a visit.  Aren't they the cutest girls?  Here Faye is drawing a picture of Jesus and Joy is drawing something too.

And Yaro is coloring a "CTR" shield.  Today at church, I taught a Primary class about "Choosing the Right."  CTR means "Choose the Right."  That's a good motto for anyone, regardless of their religion.  All the little neighbor children are Christians.  They had fun coloring and cutting and pasting.

Now Prince is coloring his CTR Shield.  Kenyan children know what a shield is.  It protects you.  A shield is on the Kenyan flag (along with two spears).  I at first thought it was a ladybug.  Don't tell.

Joy is showing her CTR shield.  She made a hand-hold so she could hold it on her hand.

Joy and Faye with their hand-held CTR shields.

My Mom always said that "beauty pinches."  Here's a close-up of Faye's hair.  She said it really does hurt when they braid her hair.  I can only imagine.  I don't think I'm going to try it.

Faye and Joy had fun with my camera.  Here's one of the many selfies they took.

Neighbor kids having fun.

We see this funny sign whenever we drive to the President's home.  "This land is NOT for Sale.  For more Enquery (Inquiry), call . . ."  Not sure what a person would phone to inquire about!  I think we see more "Not for Sale" signs than "For Sale" signs!


  1. Alice does not think she would survive me braiding her hair like that. Just brushing it is an ordeal!

  2. But...if you braid it, you can wear it like that for weeks and not need to brush it. You just wash the braids. (This is for Michelle to tell Alice.)

    You guys look great to me!

  3. Hmmm. Sunbathing = skin cancer. Then you really would be sick. How about you just go ahead and not worry about being the way God made you...

  4. On the last pic - I would guess it has something to do with the 419 scams that seem fairly common in that part of the world - the ones where someone emails or something and says something is for sale or for rent, or someone needs a bank account to put some money into, and you'll get X amount of money back for it or whatever. Yes, they do in fact try to scam you sometimes by offering to sell or rent land or property they don't own and that the owner hasn't put up for sale.

    1. You are right Heidi. That's what some locals told me too. Hope all is well for you and your new baby!

  5. I am WAY behind in catching up on your mission adventures! However, today was the day - for me to read and view some of your varied experiences. I'm teaching a CTR class here, too. Great shields, and colouring of them by your neighbour 'grandchildren'. It IS wonderful that across the world we can together learn about Choosing The Right.

    1. Ellen, I'm going to phone you sometime in one of my evenings. I'm too tired tonight.