Saturday, July 2, 2016

Changes . . . in the World . . . in our Mission

First . . . so sad about the Istanbul Airport and all the people who were hurt so terribly.  We've been there several times and it's a lovely airport.  The Turkish people are generally very friendly and Turkey has been one of our favorite countries to visit.  So sad . . .  We've also been in the Brussels airport a few times.  So sad.  Senseless.  We pray not only for "the peace of Jerusalem" but for the peace of the world.

Changes in our mission . . . President & Sister Hicken finished their 3-years of leading our mission and returned home on Wednesday night.  We will miss them.  It was fun to work with them.  They were great missionaries as well as good friends.  (Some have asked if they're related to the Hickens from Raymond.  Pres Hicken says he is related to all Hickens, just not necessarily closely related).

President & Sister Msane (pronounced mmm-saw-nay, only you say the "mmm" part really fast) are the new president and wife.  President Msane is the first African president in this mission.  The rest have been Americans.  He is from South Africa and is of the Zulu tribe and he looks like a Zulu warrior.  Sister Msane is a lovely person too.

 President Hicken and Dickens (pronounced Dee-kens) are sharing a laugh.  Dickens is the employee who helps me with Immigration.  It's been a long hard haul to get the Work Permits for the missionaries from Immigration.  Dickens is holding folders that I have prepared to hopefully get permits.  Government bureaucracy!

Dickens and President Hicken are getting ready to do the "Masai Jump."  They do it whenever we get a Work Permit that was very hard to get.  We took a video of it but can't put it on here until we get better internet.  Watching them do the Masai Jump was so funny.  They stand side-by-side, with their arms at their sides.  Then they jump up and down as fast as they can.  You should have seen President Hicken (who is older) jump.  He jumped faster and higher than Dickens.  So funny.
The stack of books is actually the Braille version of the Book of Mormon.  All those books are just one copy!  We all laughed when they brought the books into the office.  Who knew it would take that many books?  Elder Arudo thought it was great.  We hope it will get used.

Dickens and Pres & Sister Hicken have had a long working relationship.

Elder Wafula loves teddy bears.  He's not ashamed to admit he has one on his bed.  He even showed it to us.  But this huge teddy bear he bought on the street.  Oh my!

Outgoing President & Sister Hicken and incoming Sister & President Msane.

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  1. This is going to sound weird, but Pres. Msane makes me think of James Earl Jones in "Cry, the Beloved Country." Something about his face (not a bad thing, just a similar look somehow). I know. Random of me.
    Expect a big spam email from me in about 5 and 1/2 weeks, if not sooner... hopefully sooner!!