Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 2017 New Arrivals

It's always great to meet the new missionaries.  Since I am the one who sends them information prior to their missions and I also answer their questions, I always wonder what they are really like.  I see their pictures and their information and then I get to meet them in person.  Sometimes they are shorter than I expected and sometimes they are taller.  It's always an interesting experience to meet them, fresh off the plane from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The new missionaries arrive and so do those who are assigned to be their trainers for the first twelve weeks of their missions.  The Mission Home is always humming with excitement and people and bags and food!

The missionaries love to sing and Elder Torrie loves to play while they sing.  I wish you could hear them.  It gives me a thrill to listen to them.  L-R: Trainers Elder Butters and Elder Mortezazadeh (love that name), Elder Ellis, Elder Zingoni, Elder Hales, Elder Call.

Elder Torrie is gradually losing his hair but he can't see it so he claims it's not happening.

President and Sister Msane join in the singing when they are able.  They're here with a young sister who has finished her mission in Zimbabwe and is returning home to Uganda.  I think her name is Sister Anyango.  She was freezing cold.  She had no idea Nairobi could be so cold.

New sister missionaries, Sister Ziqubu (you pronounce the "q" with a little click of your tongue on the roof of your mouth -- I haven't mastered it yet) is from South Africa; Sister Sibanda is from Zimbabwe, as is Sister Dhaima.  They like to sing too.

Many of the new missionaries are converts of only a few years and so they don't know the Primary songs quite like the western missionaries do but they love to sing too.  Sitting are Sister Ngwaru (from Zimbabwe) and Sister Mbatha (from South Africa).  Standing are Elder Butters, Elder Mortezazadeh, Elder Ellis, Elder Zingoni, Elder Hales, Elder Call.

Still singing away.  Notice the braided hair.  I find it fascinating how they braid colored fibers into their hair.  I think I would look very funny but they look lovely.

Trainers Sister Acii (pronounced auchee) and Sister Gondwe with new missionary Sister Ziqubu.

Trainer Sister Ngwaru -- I think black faces are very beautiful.

Sister Gondwe and new Sister Sibanda.

Trainer Sister Auma (pronounce awe-oo-mah) with new arrival, Sister Mbatha.

The missionaries always like to get together.  Here's Elder Butters, Elder Ellis, Elder Mortezazadeh (I love to say that name fast -- with accent on the second last syllable).

New missionaries Elder Bandi and Elder Sibanda (both from Zimbabwe -- I think)
I wanted a picture with me in it.  I'm always taking pictures and am never in them.  So here I am with the new missionaries, the trainers, President and Sister Msane, and with the returning missionary going home to Uganda (on my right).

President and Sister Msane with new missionaries, Sister Sibanda, Sister Dhaima, Sister Ziqubu, Sister Mbatha, Elder Sibanda, Elder Bandi

I love this picture: President and Sister Msane are having a moment.  Aren't they cute?

Now let's see if I can get the names of everyone:  L-R: Sister Gondwe, Sister Sibanda, Sister Acii, Sister Mbatha, Sister Auma, Sister Dhaima, Sister Ziqubu, Sister Ngwaru, Elder Sibanda, Elder Mortezazadeh, Elder Bandi, Elder Butters with Elder Zingoni in front, Elder Call.  Whew!  I think I did it.

Sister Msane likes to do a funny photo.  Enjoy!

July new arrivals:  Sister Sibanda, Sister Mbatha, Sister Dhaima, Sister Ziqubu, Elder Sibanda, Elder Bandi

Ready to go.  Got their pillows and sheets anyway.


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