Saturday, July 1, 2017

Home to Nairobi

Great to be in Chicago at Heather's wedding and to see all our kids and grandkids and great to see Cairo.  But also good to be home to Nairobi.  And we really did feel like we were coming home.  We love our new flat that gives us more privacy and more light coming in the windows.  It took us a week after we got back to get things arranged (pictures hanging on the walls, etc).

And we were glad to be back in the mission office.  We love working in the office and being in touch with all the great missionaries serving in this mission.  We love them all.

Sad that our neighbors from South Africa, Mariska and Jaco and their sons, have moved away.  We are missing them.  We went to their son's high school play just before they left.  It was a rock musical.  Wasn't as loud as I thought it would be and the students did a great job with their singing, dancing, and acting.

Funny that with the problem with mosquitoes here that people don't have screens on their windows.  So LeRon brought back window screen from Chicago and he made screens for our windows.

Our Kenyan neighbors were surprised that we could make screens ourselves!!  It was hard to find tools but LeRon finally managed it.

The compound where we live is very beautiful.  Lots of green.

Interesting to have palm trees and evergreens both growing on the equator!
I tried to take pictures at Gerco's play (pronounced hair-coo).  I have a good camera but it just doesn't do well in low light.  People around me were taking amazing pictures with their cell phones.  The play was very well done with good singing and acting.  The set was great too.
Here's Gerco after the play.  Happy and exhausted after four performances.  He doesn't really have tattoos on his arm.  He's not that kind of guy, just playing the part!  He did a great job and I was proud of him. 


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