Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Friends and Neighbors

We love the people we associate with.  Besides the great missionaries and wonderful President and Sister Msane, we love the people in our branch and in our compound.

Good friends, Stella, on left, and Andrew on right came over for food and a visit.

After church on Sunday, Edwin showed me how to carry things on his head.  He says he's been doing it since he was very young.  And he didn't even have a doughnut-thing on his head like some people do.  It looked so easy.

So I tried it too and the flowers just slipped off my head!  Everyone told me that my hair is too soft and slippery.  They could be right; African hair is very wiry.

But I was determined to do it.

Watch quick.  It's about to fall off.  Too bad we didn't balance things on our heads from the time we were small.  It would improve our posture I'm sure.

Cute Primary children Gloria, Patricia and Precious.

Cute little Whitney.  Cute pose too.

Jimo doesn't speak much English but he has a nice smile.

After-church piano lessons with Hope and Peggy.  They're both doing really well.  Peggy will be teaching piano lessons in the future.  And when Hope goes on a mission she will be able to play the piano to accompany the singing at church.

Then we were off to our neighbor girl, Faye's, play at her International School.  It was called "Dragon Days" and was absolutely delightful.  Faye, front and center, had a big part in it.

We felt like grandparents taking pictures of our granddaughter!  LeRon kept saying, "There's Faye!  Isn't she doing a good job?"

Faye, as Gilda, helped the villagers to see that the dragon (on right) was actually a friendly dragon in need of friends.

Good singing, dancing, and acting.  Very impressive.

LeRon and I loved the Bavarian scene in the backdrop.  The play took place in a village in Bavaria, complete with snow, which most of the children have never seen except in movies.

Faye's mother, Enid (red dress), is a teacher at the school and she played a huge part in the production, working with the sound and of course spending hours at rehearsals.

I've enjoyed getting to know Enid.  She's about our son Michael's age.  So I mother her just like I've mothered others in our compound.  LeRon and I are the oldest ones here so we are grandparents to a lot of children and pseudo-parents to a lot of people.  I love Enid, my Ugandan daughter!  (Later note:  I still keep in touch with her even after our mission).

Click to enlarge this sign advertising "The Big Winter Sale" at the Hub.  8th of June to 9th of July.  Funny to think of this as winter!  It's pretty nice.  Not too hot in the day and it cools down at night.  I do have sweaters and jackets that I wear from time to time.

Here I am with my little grandbaby, Vivan (pronounced vee-vaughn) and my adopted daughter, Pooja, and her in-laws from India.  Really nice people.

Now Vivan's brother, Hash, has popped into the picture.  Pooja's in-laws have been here for two months and it's been fun to visit with them.  They're back in India now.  We love our neighbors!


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