Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Drought and Lake Victoria

The drought is getting serious here in Kenya.  The cattle are skinny; you can see their ribs.  Grass is very dry.  The bay on Lake Victoria by Kisumu was so low that we couldn't have taken a boat ride if we would have wanted to.  I did some research about Lake Victoria and found that it is more like a very, very huge reservoir.  There is only one river flowing out of Lake Victoria -- the White Nile and water flowing into the river is controlled with a dam.  The main source of water in the lake is from rainfall and this year the Short Rains came late and very small.

Six months ago, this dock was in the water with boats floating on both sides.  Now the water is full of hyacinths and the boats are beached.  They're doing a news report on the drought.

The people here in Kisumu make their living by fishing in Lake Victoria.  The people are still doing their best but it is very hard.

The men are attempting to push the boats out using the oars to push the boats through the mud and the water lilies.

It's hard going to row through that much vegetation.

The Little Egrets are waiting for fish.

We watched these men pushing with their oars but making little headway as they try to go out to open water.

They are strong and determined.  They have got to get fish so their families can eat. 

We wondered how long these boats have been pushing their way along.  Maybe for a couple of hours.

A gorgeous Great White Egret

The few fish that have been caught need to be washed and cleaned.
Cleaning the fish is a huge chore too.
One last look at those strong men pushing their way to water.  They are determined and very, very strong.

The fishermen live in these houses by the lake.

I think it must be wash day.  (Every day is probably wash day).  I wonder where their water comes from now that the lake is so far away.  It looked to be a good half mile away from shore.

Housing construction on hold.  A gate is the first thing to go up!

Skinny cow.  You can see the ribs.

These water grasses were very brown.  The drought is a fearful thing.


  1. Wow that drought does not look fun. The guys rowing their way through the plants at the edge of the lake is crazy!

  2. Wow, very sobering and mind opening. Reminds me of National Geographic. I'm impressed with how clean the women cleaning the fish are! I would have thought they'd be covered with mud and fish slime. And such bright pretty colors. Do you think it's because they're in skirts that they bend over from the waist instead of squatting? Must make for sore backs, I'd think.